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Foreclosure Defense Florida

Max Gardner Foreclosure Boot Camp!

Max Gardner’s Bankruptcy Boot Camp is presenting our most complete Foreclosure & Mortgage Litigation Boot Camp  yet for attorneys representing homeowners fighting  foreclosure in state and bankruptcy courts.   Max and his handpicked panel of experts and insiders will address the essential issues to provide you tools critical to have in every case, including:

  • Residential Mortgage Securitization
  • Mortgage Servicers & Outsourcers
  • Fannie/Freddie Uniform Mortgage Document ““ Beating Them at Their Own Shell Game
  • Articles 3 and 9 of the UCC ““ Understanding and Arguing Negotiability (or not) of Notes
  • Discovery and Litigation Techniques ““ How to Get Your Evidence In and Keep the Other Side’s Out, Including Bogus-Endorsed Notes

Margery Golant, Jay Patterson, Richard Shepherd, Kathleen Cully and George Holler will join Max to provide the background, in-depth analysis and insider insights you need to provide the best representation to your clients with regard to mortgage claims.
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