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Matt Weidner Petitions The Florida Supreme Court Over Use of Senior Judges (Not Just in Foreclosure)

There are so many things wrong in this state, and the citizens, now more than ever, need the to depend on a properly funded court system.

We filed this petition which asked the Florida Supreme Court to admit that what we all know is true….

The use of senior judges challenged

The continued use of senior judges to handle foreclosure cases in much of Florida is unconstitutional because it has amounted to a permanent assignment, according to a St. Petersburg lawyer.

Matt Weidner has asked the Supreme Court to issue a writ of prohibition against sustained use of senior judges in the Sixth Circuit to preside over foreclosures.

He argued since senior judges have had that task for nearly six years, it violates the Florida Constitution which provides they may only be assigned for “temporary duty.”

He also contended senior judges must only be used temporarily because they are not subject to the constitutional restrictions that apply to trial court and appellate judges, including standing for election or merit retention every six years and living in the jurisdiction where they sit on the bench.

“You cannot find any circuit court judge who is doing foreclosures from Orlando up and all the way across the Panhandle,” Weidner said.

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