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Martin Andelman on the Spires $(ahem) 43 Trillion "Lawsuit"……

From Martin Andelman:
madelman-postsYesterday, the PR Wire was set ablaze by a press release issued by Spire Law Group, announcing their filing of a lawsuit seeking $43 trillion in damages on behalf of a long list of homeowners”¦ and it would appear, the United States Treasury itself. It appears to be yet another lawsuit being marketed to homeowners all over the country as a way to get some justice for the economic catastrophe in large part caused by Wall Street bankers operating in a largely deregulated environment.
They call it a ” mass torte,” but it can also go by the name ” mass joinder,” or ” multi-plaintif,” or whatever other term d’art it might be using tomorrow, but no matter what it’s called, the person calling to tell you about it will say that it’s your chance to make Wall Street pay for their crimes. And the best part is that it only costs a few thousand bucks”¦ and I mean, what’s a few grand when you’re going to be a part of bringing the banksters to their knees? A pittance, I tell you”¦ a mere pittance!
There might even be financing available, and who knows”¦ maybe even layaway. I’m betting they even take credit cards, which if they do is hysterical as it means that some entity like Citibank is getting 2-3% of this deal.
Is this lawsuit for real? Is there really a chance that a court will entertain a claim for $43 trillion in damages?

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