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Lynn Syzmoniak- Whistleblower Slammed by Bondi and Atwater Will Collect $18 Million From Feds..

mortgage-settlementRemember our friend Lynn Syzmoniak?   She’s been one of the street fighters from the very beginning…a true warrior and hero to the American people.

She has fought tirelessly and she has suffered the attacks just like everyone who dares to fight for the American people.   The most despicable attack came when Florida’s Attorney General and then Florida’s Inspector General ripped her apart in the attorney firing whitewash report.   The report, contained right here Atwater IG Report slams Lynn then Lisa Epstein then June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards.

Significantly, the entire report…just like Bondi’s dismissive treatment of all those heroes who have stood up and pointed out all that was wrong…completely disregards all the serious claims and allegations made by The People’s Heroes.

Well, the HUGE news today is that those same claims that have been completely dismissed by Florida’s elected leaders are apparently resulting in a massive $18 million payout for Lynn!

According to the settlement documents, the banks are also paying tens of millions of dollars to resolve whistleblower lawsuits alleging lenders defrauded the government in seeking federal mortgage insurance for some risky loans. The banks are paying $95 million, for example, to settle a case brought by Lynn Szymoniak, a homeowner who was featured on CBS’ “60 Minutes” last year for uncovering details about banks’ so-called robo-signing of foreclosure documents. Szymoniak will get $18 million from the settlement.


Now, exactly how does this go over with the political establishment here in Floriduh?   I can tell you this….she will not be sailing off into the sunset….she will only fight that much harder and we are all that much stronger with such a powerhouse on our side!


  • OkiefromMuskogee says:

    Absolutely LOVE IT!

  • Jeff Weinberger says:

    Great news for us foreclosure fraud fighters here in soFL and everywhere but you could have gotten Edwards’ and Clarkson’s last names matched up with their correct first names: they are June Clarkson and Theresa Edwards. Thanks for the report, Mr. Weidner!

    Jeff Weinberger
    Occupy FtL Foreclosure Mobilization

  • Ex Executive says:

    Just too damned bad it isn’t coming out of Bondi’s pocket. Guess you Floridians just paid another price for electing stupid Republicans.

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