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Lynn Syzmoniak, Whistleblower- Now Harassed, Attacked By Banks….

foreclosure-whistleblowerEvery single American is well-advised to pay careful attention to the continuing struggles of Lynn Syzmoniak.   Remember, Lynn along with Lisa Epstein, June Edwards and Theresa Clarkson were all working selflessly to investigate fraud, crimes and abuses that were being committed in public records and courtrooms all across this country.
You would think that when citizens report crimes law enforcement might, at the very least, give you a high five or an “ATTA GIRL!!”….Well not here in Florida, the fraud and corruption center of the universe.   Not only do these crime fighters, these heroes to the people, not get any support….THEY GET ATTACKED.
Yep, that’s your government, serving the People of the State of Florida folks!
Lynn’s story in particular is so compelling because she helps net billions of dollars for the feds, but the very same conduct…IS COMPLETELY IGNORED HERE IN FLORIDA!
Please read Lynn’s story and share this one around.   Remember, “First They Came For Lynn Syzmoniak But I Did Nothing”

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  • Truthseeker says:

    Fla.has many former New Yorkers now residents. The same mortgage fraud being done in Fla. by the same individual. That is doing it in Fla. I know because I was married to him. Government refuses to expose this person. Who is commiting billions of dollars in mortgage fraud. For the benefit of state officials both NY & Fla.

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