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Losing a Case…Because The Judge Doesn’t Know The Rules!

By January 5, 2016No Comments

I recently received a fairly scathing Order from a judge who ruled that,

“Because Weidner’s Motion was not filed within 10 days, the Motion is DENIED!”

The only problem (thank God not for me), but for the good trial court judge…is the Florida Rules of Civil Procedure were changed in 2013, to provide that the time for rehearing is 15 days, and not 10 days…..

2013 Amendment. Subdivisions (b) and (g) are amended to change the deadlines for service of certain motions from 10 to 15 days after the specified event. Subdivision (d) is amended to change the deadline for a court to act of its own initiative.

See, the good judge should have clicked onto the link below and he would have caught that….


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