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Lose Your Home in Foreclosure, Then Have Warrant Issued For Your Arrest…..

I know, let’s turn all of America into a gigantic debtor’s prison…..

Imagine for a moment you have been foreclosed on and evicted from your home. Unfortunately this isn’t a leap for far too many Americans who have experienced just that.

Now imagine that on top of getting kicked out of your house due to predatory lending practices and an economic downturn thanks mostly to the same predators in the financial industry, you get fined for not keeping up the house they took from you.

It is quite unfortunate to say that this isn’t an absurd hypothetical situation, but in fact the reality of David Englett of Crowley, Texas.

Englett is now being charged for not paying a series of fines from the city of Arlington for such infractions as not mowing the lawn, owning an alarm without the proper permit and for having a fence that is in bad shape, according to the Dallas-Fort Worth local CBS affiliate.

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  • Terri says:

    You might want to check out the Supreme Court of Florida oral arguments on April 11, 2012. The City of Palm Bay is trying to collect from Wells Fargo the money the taxpayers expended to take care of their property. Wells Fargo, of course, thinks its immune to code enforcement. The 5th DCA agreed. SC11-830.

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