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Local News Affiliate Reports Mortgage Services Company Under Federal Investigation

One thing we’re all just beginning to understand is just how deep this foreclosure problem is.   Much is uncertain, but this much is clear…the banks, lenders and mortgage companies, in their rush to make obscene profits, engaged in an international orgy of reckless conduct.   They were all so busy pushing consumers, closing loans and selling them up the river and shoving money in their pockets that they ignored “minor” details like keeping a proper paper trail or developing business infrastructure to manage the multi bajillon dollar glass houses of lending and trading they created.

Now that this has all surfaced, their response to the problem is to cut even more corners and engage in even more reckless and risky conduct as they push through foreclosures. The manifestation of all this are document mills, foreclosure mills and “robo signers” who are all working day and night to create the paper trails that should have existed long ago.   Defense attorneys caught onto this, circuit court and bankruptcy court judges are now learning about it and finally, so are federal investigators.

All of this reminds of why we need judges supervising the conduct of the lenders and bad actors that caused all these problems… on the link below for more information on how just one player in the fraud is part of the problem.


  • Andrew says:

    I enjoyed the hearing today in the House of Representatives, pertaining t the WaMu mess. It gave me hope that even the legislators are starting to see the extent of the fraud. Because if it happened at WaMu in such a big fashion(as it did), then you know the rest of the industry was also doing it.

    The solution to all of this is mandated principal reductions across the board, all mortgages, by at least 50%. Screw the bankers, screw the investors, lets get this done and finally end this whole mess.

  • This is no time to rest. Please, contact the Florida Senators on the Banking and Insurance Committee and demand you be represented by your elected officials.

    The contact information for these FL Senators, sample letters and faxes all can be found here:

    Let’s get this job done and clear our heads to continue our work defending America’s homes.


  • Stupendous Man - Defender of Liberty - Foe of Tyranny says:

    I’m glad these folks are finally getting some much deserved attention. I hope the investigation reaches back to the days of Fidelity, before LPS was spun off. Many of us are aware the templates for the bad behavior of LPS and Docx were provided by, and priorly engaged in by, Fidelity.

  • Janice says:

    I worked for them when they were under Fidelity. Shady as can be.

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