It’s easy to see why it’s so easy for state and national officials ignore the foreclosure crimes that continue to rage on throughout this country….

The US is An Out of Control Criminal Empire And Foreclosure Crimes Mean Nothing.

From Zero Hedge, full link at bottom:

U.S. leaders have long:

  • Labeled indiscriminate killing of civilians as terrorism.  Yet the American military  indiscriminately kills innocent civilians (and see this),  calling it “carefully targeted strikes”.   For example, when Al Qaeda, Syrians or others target people attending funerals of those killed – or those attempting to rescue people who have been injured by – previous attacks, we rightfully label it terrorism.  But the U.S. government does exactly the same thing (more), pretending that it is all okay
  • Scolded tyrants who launch aggressive wars to grab power or plunder resources. But we ourselves have launched a series of wars for oil (and here) and gas



  • neidermeyer says:

    You are 100% correct in your assertions , the answer is of course to reduce the size of government and strike the 95% of laws off the books that are unconstitutional so that these abuses will not be incentivised … welcome to the revolution…. because one way or another the “progressive” march down the path slowly to a totalitarian state that we are on is coming to an end…

    • Spirit says:

      We have no ability to reduce the size of governement. They are owned and have not been serving the people for many years and the few that do care are far outnumbered. Our only hope is to stop giving money to the banks via deposits, IRA’s, loan interest etc. Their control is a direct result of their ability to control our money. A great 30 minute cartoon lays it all out and is well worth the 30 mins to watch it

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