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Listen to A Monster, A Traitor, A Threat To Your Safety- TERRIFYING GEORGE SOROS INTERVIEW


  • Enraged says:

    I don’t understand the fear you project about this “world order”. It has been in the works eversince the end of WWII and the US more than any other country has played a part in it by insisting that democracy was for everyone and any other polical system was “evil” and to be shut down by any means. Democracy cannot exist in a country that hasn’t gone through the regular cycle of feodalism, revolution, dictatorship and republic. It is a necessary evolution process most democracies have gone through and skipping steps is what causes countries like Congo and most of the African continent as well as most middle estern countries to be in a permanent rut.

    From what I understand, the country whose banks are nationalized, China, refuses to take part. Good for them: at last, they understand that if the new World order is allowed to exist and money is kept in the hands of bankers, it is the end of humanity altogether. And listening to Soros, this is exactly what will happen: money will be controlled by world order banks? What a joke. That thing is doomed from the very first day. Now, as far as our American lifestyle going down, it is inevitable. We did it to ourselves when we created the monstruous banks we now have and they played with all our institutions by buying them one by one, to end up ruining our entire economy.

    Have you watched this phenomenal documentary about economy titled “The Secret of Oz”. It explains the unhealthy relationship England, and then America, have always had with banks and why so many countries nationalized theirs. it explains why N.Dakota has a constant surplus in its budget and the rest of the states are in a deep hole. America’s arrogance has consisted in reinventing the wheel about everything. Never, ever look at what works and what doesn’t. Create something new and never learn from others’ mistakes. The constitution was phenomenal… until it started being amended because, deep down, it was unfair and unjust from the get go.

    The old system is broken. I believe it is beyond repair. Why not a world order? Can’t oppose it so late in the game, whatever I say will not stop it from happening and… it is so far remote from God that we’re back at the foot of the Tower of Babel all over again. One language (English), one civilization, one economy, we know how it ended the first time around. Humans are the same and haven’t learned much since. Why should it end any differently?

  • marilyn lane says:

    david K Fiveson of B

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    Hank Paulson/Treasury and Goldman Sachs-Tim Geithner/New York Fed and Treasury-Ben Bernanke/Federal Reserve Bank which controls the IMF have crashed the US dollar. Back door bailouts of the world financial institutions and corporations of 16 Trillion between 2008 and 2010 per the General Accounting Office first audit of the Fed.
    China won’t play the game Soros proposes.

  • marilyn lane says:

    David K Fiveson’s lawfirm Butler, Fitzgerald, Fiveson and McCarthy represented the George Soros Fund in a Real Property Case in New York Supreme Court.

    David K Fiveson a liar is the same attorney that claimed to represent a sham title company called Coronet Title. David K Fiveson is trying to make a forged Title appear good.

    David K Fiveson with his partner in crime Thomas Malone of Fidelity Title paid a bribe to corrupt jUDGE aLICE sCHLESINGER WHO REFUSED TO UPHOLD HER OATH to protect my Constitional rights under the 5th and 14th Amendments

    With lawfirmS like the above, and attorneys like the above and a Judge like Alice Schlesinger we know THE NAZIS ARE HERE.

    History repeats itself. This is how the Nazis STOLE PROPERTY FROM THE JEWS BEFORE AND DURING THE sECOND WORLD wAR.

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