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LEAKED DOCUMENT (Congressional Thuggery)- House Democracts Bullied To Continue FED Secrecy..

I know, I know….you still think your vote’re one of them.
You also think you vote for those folks, send them up to vote for you in The Capitol, Don’t you?
Well, listen to how things really operate in the den of lies, fraud and deceit that is “our” nation’s capitol…(sold to the banks)…
From Matt Stoller:
Yesterday, on the House floor, there was a furious debate over the prospect for HR 541, Ron Paul’s bill to audit the Federal Reserve. The Republicans are by and large supportive of this bill, seeking to hamstring the ability of the Federal Reserve to act in secret. Democratic members, were they left to their own devices, would be split. But on votes on bills like this, party leaders can choose to endorse a position, or not endorse a position. Some votes are what’s called ” whipped”, and some aren’t. There’s an intricate system of whips and assistant whips and staff networks who encourage members to vote a certain way, so when the party takes a position on an issue, it has a big impact on the final vote count. This is a whipped vote, which means that this is one of those times where the Democratic leadership ““ Steny Hoyer, Barney Frank and Nancy Pelosi ““ are putting their stamp on an issue. They have come out firmly for Fed secrecy.


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