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Lawyers for Homeowner’s Rights Rally in Tallahassee

Attention Attorneys and Advocates:

The Florida Legislature is in session until April 30th. There are a variety of bills pending in the legislature which threaten to dramatically change the practice of consumer law and would eliminate homeowner and consumer rights.

The bankers, the foreclosure mills and other wrongdoers are lobbying Tallahassee hard and they absolutely will get some kind of legislation passed….if every one of us doesn’t act now to do something about it.

Subject to confirmation of the date, we will have a rally on the Capital.   The date is tentatively set for Wednesday April 21, but it may be April 19 or 20 if those days would be more effective given committee schedules and other considerations.

Please mark your calendars now and please put forth this extra effort of service to our profession, our courts and to the citizens of the State of Florida.   As attorneys, we took an oath to defend the Constitution, the citizens and our courts.   These are all under attack and we are all duty bound and obligated to rise up and defend them.

In Tallahassee, we will meet with our local representatives and with the leadership of both houses.   Our message is clear and distinct….

We must preserve and restore the dignity of the courts and ensure consumers and homeowners continue to have access to a fair and properly funded judiciary.

We cannot allow the continued breakdown of law and lack of respect for courts that currently exists in courts across the State of Florida.

We cannot allow the unethical foreclosure mills and zombie lenders to continue to infect our courts with the cancer they are spreading in courts across the State of Florida

We owe this duty to our courts.   We owe this duty to our judges who are overwhelmed, overburdened and facing impossible pressures from all sides and we owe this duty to the citizens of the State of Florida–whether they are represented by counsel or not.

Please mark your calenders and begin making plans now.   We will be chartering busses from major areas and more details will be forthcoming!   We expect that consumers and other pro-se advocacy groups will rally behind this cause as part of a major grass-roots effort.   There are brave and principled leaders in Tallahassee who share our concerns and we need to take our message of support to them.



  • Count me in Mr. Weidner!

    I’ve sent out your announcement to many others.

    It’s up for another committee vote on Monday. Follow the blow-by-blow action here:

    HB1523 has been “improved” through the magic of bait and switch! HB 1523, undergoes a makeover! Now, it’s the BIONIC BILL TROJAN HORSE and in rides the 38th state to have non-judicial foreclosures.


    No worries… I’ll bring it to you!

    It’s NOT just MBS – our MUNI BONDS
    (aka publicly financed debt)
    are also part of the GAME played on

    *More Than a Dozen Banks Suspected Co-Conspirators in Muni Case

    *Black Box Deals, AIG, J.P Morgan Chase, and CDR Financial Products: A Summary of Corruption

    *Matt Taibbi on muni finance scandals


  • Carlos Valentin says:

    Please send me a reminder with the exact date so that I be able to attend. I shall mark April 21, 2010 as the date, but let me know if there is a change on the date. Thank you.

  • Tammy says:


    I am one of the many victims of foreclosure fraud. Starting at the very beginning with an escalated appraisal.

    EMC handed us foreclosure papers a few days prior to Christmas Day 2008 stating that we were 4 months behind in payments. WRONG!!!! I made payments every month. The problem??? – EMC escrowed our NON escrow account at the very beginning of the loan in 2006. Not once, but 2 times.

    I have a taped conversation with an EMC representative (with his permission), explaining to me that we did NOT create ‘this mess’, EMC, the title closing agency and/or the homeowner’s insurance company created it…..However, “unfortunately Mrs. XXXX, you are the one that has to pay the price for it”.


    We filed for dimissal on the grounds of another big-whig bank suddenly being the plaintiff to this.

    I requested the ‘Original Blue Inked Signature’ document of our loan(s) to be presented to our home. Even the judge was befuddled in the hearing of the information that I had with me at the time.

    That was nearly a year ago and we still have not been shown the original note. Actually, he haven’t heard a thing from anyone, except for a few collection calls a week from the foreclosure mill. (That is another story)

    I plan on attending with a very loud voice!!!!

    Thank you for the information.

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