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Forget about all the bank crimes,

but somehow this is on Governor Criminal Mastermind’s radar screen…

“We’re in uncharted territory,” he said as he gaveled to order a meeting of the Senate Ethics & Elections Committee.

On the agenda was a request by Gov. Rick Scott that the Senate, in its advise-and-consent role, remove from office dozens of notaries public appointed by Scott but who had felony convictions or failed to follow state law in the performance of their duties.

Scott’s assistant general counsel, Thomas “Bo” Winokur, told senators that the governor’s office has a “zero tolerance” policy when it comes to violations by notaries, who must certify the legitimacy of legal documents such as mortgages and leases and the signatures on them.

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  • Bernie says:

    Florida Notary Law
    I think the most important changes in the Notary Law , should be :
    That the Notary and the Consumer sign on the same page ,
    so the document fabrication is not so easy.

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