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Kill Zimmerman, Trayvon Martin And The Banks Breaking Into Homes…Florida is a Deadly Place.

Not much surprises me anymore about the banks and the lengths they are willing to go to in order to exercise their power…..and the willingness of courts to encourage and support the reckless, criminal and fraudulent conduct of the banks and their agents and contractors and employees.

As most of you know, the banks have the right to come kick down your door, change your locks and do whatever they please in order to “secure” or “winterize” or take possession your home.   They of course do not have this right at all, but you should also be aware that courts all across this state are bending to the pressure and the tyranny of these banks and are encouraging and supporting their actions….by not taking this issue seriously and holding them accountable.

Mark my words….at some point in time, someone is going to be shot and killed when a bank breaks into a home to “inspect” or to “winterize” or “secure” or take possession of the property.

This is a deadly serious issue that especially the bank employees themselves are concerned about.   The case law in Florida is absolutely INSANE….there is a sickening wealth of cases which stand for the proposition that people and corporations can engage in the most savage and reckless and inhumane conduct…and not suffer any consequence of law!

This sets up a most dangerous condition in this state….neighbors killing neighbors, the banks setting agents and thugs loose on our city streets.

This is terrifying madness…..


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