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foreclosure-mills-finedI will write much more on this later, for now based on what happened today, I’m busy going through my files to make sure they’re all in order and reviewing my office and court procedures from top to bottom.   Attached here is the Motion for Contempt that started all of this:


Later, I will post the judge’s actual order and a transcript of the proceedings.   Importantly, the judge in this case has acknowledged what a tremendous drain on taxpayer resources the current foreclosure mill operations represent.   She reserved jurisdiction on this case to pursue in direct criminal contempt charges and held open an Order imposing fines of $7,000 per day against the firm for failing to take immediate corrective action.

Perhaps the most important point to take from all of this is that judges are not obliged to simply enter Summary Judgment in every case.   There are additional options.   Our judges and our courts have powers and steps they can take to insure cases either proceed or are dismissed by the court.

I’m going back to reviewing my files….much more on this later!


  • FreeMe says:

    A $ 49,000.00 fine, are you kidding me. This is nothing to these attorneys and firms. Why aren’t they losing their license so they no longer can practice law and continue committing Fraud? Anyone else would have been charged with serious crimes and arrested and most likely sitting in Jail.

    I thought no one was above the law. Apparently that’s not true. These guys have a license to lie and manipulate the system. If that was one of us, we would be sitting in Jail waiting to see the Judge.

    I don’t know about the rest of you readers. I think it’s time we speak our minds, we need to make it clear we had enough. It’s time they pay the same price any one of use would have to pay. If that means being arrested, going to court, posting bail, losing their license or on probation or going to prison and sitting for the crime they’ve committed then so be it.
    Judges are HIRED by the people, we pay the cops salary. I think we need to make it clear that we expect them to do their job morally and ethically even if that means arresting and prosecuting one of their own.

    I’m tired of the Good Old Boy network and mentality. Judges, Attorneys and Cops all are part of this elaborate net work, the I’ll cover your back if you cover my back thinking must go.

    With that said getting a $ 49,000.00 fine is nothing. All this tells me is they can do it again and again and just get fined. These CROOKS should be arrested for the Forgery, Fraud and prosecuted for any other crime their committed. These people should be sitting in Jail right now. Where is the FBI when you need them?

    Who’s out to protect the people from those in these positions that break the law, commit crime and get away with it? Do we need to take the law in our own hands?

    Do we become the Judge and Jury”¦ if I had my way; these people would be sitting in Jail and would never again practice law for what they did.

    This is like a rapist”¦ these firms and people in these firms raped one person and then another person over and over again causing many of them to lose their homes when just maybe they wouldn’t.

    No instead favoritism has been displayed to these firms getting a small fine to pay which is nothing for them to pay when you consider all the money they’ve made.

    Where’s the consideration of all the damaged they caused to thousdands of home owners.

    So they pay the fine and then go back to continue committing fraud, lying and altering documents while thousands of people continue to lose their homes all due to the actions these firms and those working in these firms have taken and most likely will continue.

    Why not establish a class action law suit against each person that participated in these transactions that caused those to lose their homes due to the Fraud they committed and continue to participate in Who’s losing out on this deal.. They get a small fine while thousands of people are misplaced and put out on the street, lives are ruined, many are dead broke, and their credit is shot.

    Mean while these people go out and wine and dine, go home to a nice home, drive nice cars and most likely are financially secured. Mean while they have no concessions of what they have done or WHOM they have harmed by their illegal actions and the out come of this is a smal $ 49,000.00 find.

    Why not file a civil class action suit against these firms as well. Why not make them personally responsible for your debt or mortgage or force them to buy all those people they caused harm to with buying each person or family another home.

    Or better yet why not file a motion to reopen your case and fight to keep your home and make them pay for all your legal fees.

    A clear message must be sent that No one is above the LAW, there is no special interest or protection and there is no favoritism. Law is Law and Justice is Justice.

    I don’t know about you folks but I’m tired of seeing these people that hold a upper hand in the Justice system continue to get away with crimes, lies, manipulation while they put us away for the same crimes or laws they break.

    If we have to pay the price for the crime or breaking the law then it’s only fair they pay the price for their crimes or breaking the law.

    I’d like to hear your thoughts. The only way they know we mean business is to speak out so post your thoughts and let’s send a clear message that Judges are working for us and we demand fairness and Justice to anyone that breaks the law no matter what their status in society is.

  • This is the Mafia on a NATIONAL scale. Organized crime my friends.

    Paying judges to clear their dockets quickly is EXACTLY THE SAME as paying cops to give more tickets.


    What in GODS NAME is happening to our country?????

  • litgant says:

    Matt, I commented before about this. I think it sends a message. But who will get it? And how many defendants have a lawyer who will stand up for them and go after it. If we hit them in the pocket book for more than attorney fees, then maybe, just maybe, the way they try to robo the foreclosure process will stop.

    Lit Gant

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