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Just How Corrupt Is The Federal Reserve? (Read An Insider’s WHISTLEBLOWER Account)


  • LA Today says:

    This is how the bad these Banks are: if they can’t get a good price at the sale of the foreclosed home, they keep it and put the home back into the Trust, so the investors are picking up the tap.
    Plus, with Loan Mods., the servicers would get paid 1400.00 or more to take the paperwork to look at, lose it, and get the money again when they requested you send it again and again.
    The big Banks wanted the Government to pick up more of the loan when the principal was reduced. They are so money hungry and they know they have a cash cow. How much money do they want? Many homes sitting empty. But this is how stupid they are, if they keep the homeowner in the home, it will stop the bleeding of home values. They have the perfect Ponzi scam.
    Homeowners don’t have a chance. Time for a huge protest on Washington.

  • Same with LOTS of the Other Firms hawking help to the Victims. Ambulance Chasers seem to be coming out of the woodwork.

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