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Judges Dismissing Foreclosure Cases- Wall Street Journal Article

An article in today’s Wall Street Journal reports on growing concern on the part of lenders and banks about judges dismissing their foreclosure cases when (gasp), the lenders are forced to prove that they own the note and are legally entitled to foreclosure on the mortgage.   The full text of the article can be found here.

In the article, the opponents of judges following the law and dismissing the cases tacitly admit that the technical legal basis upon which the judges are making these rulings are correct, but assert that if this pattern of forcing them to follow the rules continues, the entire foreclosure system will collapse.   Shocking.   If they’re forced to follow rules of law (and specifically rules of evidence that prove up ownership), they cannot continue to foreclose.

On the other hand if committed foreclosure defense attorneys continue to argue the law and facts, foreclosure can be stopped.   You owe it to yourself to hire an experienced foreclosure defense attorney.

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