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Judge Dennis Blackmon- You Can Get Anything You Want, At Alice’s Restaurant (Except Alice)

Dennis-Blackmon-BanksThe Huffington Post has picked up the story of a fantastic Order (first written about here) that was brought to the world by one of the true pioneers in foreclosure defense, Max Gardner.

Here’s my post which includes a copy of the Order. It really is one of my favorite of all time and I really want to recognize the good judge that spun the tale with good old fashioned judicial smarts….very Oliver Wendall Holmesesque, huh? (Holmes was an Associate Justice of the United States Supreme Court who developed a real reputation for shooting real straight and telling the real truth even in really big, big cases.)

And that’s the thing about the Phillips v. US Bank Order…it’s just honest, simple truth. The American people bailed out the failed banks to the tune of hundreds of billions of dollars…and what did we get?   Well, Geitherner and Paulson and all the Fat Cats claim they saved us from Economic Armageddon…but we’re still just kicking that can down the road…Fannie and Freddie are still standing with their hands out asking for billions so they can turn around and give hundreds of millions to their executives….and what did we get?   What did Otis Phillips get?   Otis got, and we’re all continuing to get….totally shafted by all this.

I stood there in court just yesterday and I frankly felt sorry for the Robo Perjurers that the banks were trotting up as witnesses in their “trials”. Now granted, there were no defense attorneys cross examining these witnesses, but these minimum wage “Vice Presidents” and “Litigation Specialists” had better think real hard when they start testifying about what they know under penalties of perjury when they’re subject to cross examination.

Which gets back to the Order and Alice’s Restaurant.   Now if you’re not familiar with Alice’s Restaurant, that’s not really the name of a restaurant, it’s just the name of the song.   Click here for a post I did on the song a long time ago and keep the song turned on while you think about the song and how it applies to where we are today…..

You see Alice’s Restaurant became a very popular protest song during the Vietnam era.   It describes the maddening absurdity this country suffered during the international tragedy that was the Vietnam War….and I again suggest that it’s time to resurrect Alice’s Restaurant as our theme song…..

The good judge Dennis Blackmon recognizes the Order and I celebrate this good judge for his Order!

Now what would happen if judges all across this country started writing orders like this?

Telling the truth.

Saying what you and I feel.

Now what if we all began every foreclosure trial or hearing by quietly saying,

“You can get anything you want, at Alice’s Restaurant”












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