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I’ve Never Had a Client Lose a Home to Foreclosure!

In all the years that I’ve been practicing law and foreclosure defense in particular, I have never had a Plaintiff conclude their case with a foreclosure sale except in cases where the client decided to end the litigation.   I recognize that this is a rather dramatic claim and as an attorney I must be very careful not to make statements regarding my qualifications that cannot be verified.   (The Florida Bar looks very unkindly upon such statements!)

I have had a handful of cases over the last several years where we consented to a judgment but in these cases, my clients were ready to move on with their lives and we received complete releases from liability from the lenders in exchange for agreeing to end the litigation.

Now certainly good lawyering can explain part of this quite remarkable representation, but it also serves as a damming testament to just what a mess the lenders and the attorneys representing them have created in this market place.   The fact of the matter is that the system has reached absolute breakdown and any attorney who undestands the issues involved in this crisis can use this information to achieve results for their clients.

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