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Florida-LegalWhile voters are struggling back home, the elected officials in Tallahassee voted to allow business interests to buy legislators and senators by making direct contributions.

You think corruption is bad now in this state….HA, YOU AIN’T SEEN NOTHING YET!

Every business interest, every seedy out of state contractor and corporation, they’re already busy drafting legislation that will carve up this state and which will convert every bit of state revenue into corporate profits.

It really is astonishing to think about just how far lost this has all become.   If your eyes are opened just the tiniest bit, you will see abject corruption everywhere you look.   Where are the heroes?   The public minded servants? The patriots?


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  • John Anderson says:

    I will be sorry to see Howard go. Growing up in the same neck of the woods as him we think along similar lines.
    The corruption you see has always been with us, just not so bold faced. When election time comes the TV is filled with 30 second sound bites usually saying something negative about the person running against the person or party paying for the spot. No debates sponsored by the Chamber of Commerce or public television. And if they did few would watch, much less attend.
    Ignorance and apathy is the damnation of our society and the direct cause of where we find ourselves. People have lost faith in this system of ours, that used to be the envy of the world.
    Our politicians, on every level of City, State and Federal “especially federal” knows that they are elected by the number of negative spot ad’s that they can have played on television, and the number of positive billboards on themselves.
    If we want to clean up our system and improve it I have some suggestions.
    The people are going to have to start voting on issues, not just for representatives. The system we have was fine 100 years ago when state capitals was days of travel away and Washington was weeks.
    A bill was proposed and the representative would travel back to hear his constituents opinions of the legislation and conduct their own straw poll on the issue, and unless it strongly conflicted their own opinion, vote as the majority of their constituents were in favor of, as required by being THEIR REPRESENATIVE.
    To often now these legislators feel they only represent themselves and their sponsors. So maybe it should be like NASCAR, where they wear corporate labels on their coats, so we can see who owns them.
    I live in Pinellas County Florida, and we have a Board of County Commissioners that vote on issues, laws, and regulations. They get a vote and I should get a vote to. I do not live in the City of St Petersburg so I should not have a say in how they handle their affairs.
    The Pinellas County Supervisor of Elections is in charge of tallying the votes in Pinellas County, and it has a website and there it should be, that I can set up using my social security number and a 8 character password, I should be allowed to vote on the proposed motion, regulation, law or everything that they vote on.
    Ditto on the state house’s and federal house’s. If the people had a say in whats passed, most brainless and corrupt legislation would be stopped in it’s tracks.
    People tell me it wouldn’t work because most people are to lazy to study the issues, and would not vote, but under this plan it would not matter because if the voters rejected a proposal by 60% no matter how many voted, the bill or proposal would have to be set aside for 30 days before it could be voted on again. This would give the proponents of the action time to inform and educate the public to its benefits. If it fails to pass the 40% approval rate of the public, it could still pass into law, if our full time legislators feel that it’s the right thing to do. They will do so knowing the will of the people were against it. And if the public does not end up satisfied with the result, they know what to do with that official at election time.
    Of course it would require our federal legislatures to set this system up. And I think it could happen if enough people supported it, but were back to the ignorance and apathy thing.

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