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It is Absurd…And Frightening…That A Final Judgment of Foreclosure Was Entered In This Case

By October 14, 2015No Comments

Today I’m asking a court to vacate the most clearly erroneous Final Judgments of Foreclosure that I’ve ever seen.  In my practice in this David v. Goliath fight where consumers fight not just the Plaintiffs but the court system itself, I’ve had my fair share of erroneous judgments.  It cannot be disputed but that the real objective of courts is to serve the banks. This is very similar to Bernie Sanders comment last night that:

Congress does not regulate Wall Street, Wall Street regulates Congress

The fact that the deck is stacked against individuals every where we turn cannot be denied.

Evidence of this undeniable fact is contained within these pleadings. As I read them to prepare for argument this morning, it just boggles my mind that I have to put so much effort into making this argument. In this particular case (among many many other problems), the Plaintiff just flat out ignores and fails to name parties that own the property they are seeking to foreclose.  This fatal flaw was no secret to them…I warned them of this error nearly a year ago. But instead of fixing their problem, they just flat out ignored it.

I include the Trial Memorandum of Law below, but it really should not be called a Memorandum of Law, it should be called a Memorandum of Fancy and Fiction and Made up Relief.  It really is just absurd what’s happened in this case and I frankly cannot even imagine that it is even continuing.

But what we see here is the consequence of banks and their attorneys who have been permitted to run wild and free for far too long….

Read on with these absurd pleadings….

ClosingArgument (Hodgins)

Trial Memorandum of Law P

NOF Trial Transcript P


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