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Is Signing Foreclsoure Documents Forgery?

What a great headline.   What an interesting debate we are all going to be engaged in now. I frankly did miss that this was where the whole fraudclosure discussion was headed.

It really is an absurd question, but we live in dangerous and scary times where questions like that beg to be answered.   Here I was focused on black and white areas of the law such as:

Florida Statute 117.105″ƒFalse or fraudulent acknowledgments; penalty.””A notary public who falsely or fraudulently takes an acknowledgment of an instrument as a notary public or who falsely or fraudulently makes a certificate as a notary public or who falsely takes or receives an acknowledgment of the signature on a written instrument is guilty of a felony of the third degree.

But I forgot, the bankster class has advised that they are opting out of our system of laws. Not gonna play by them. And our elected officials have agreed to go along with this as well….


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