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Iraq-Iran’s Newest Friend, Trading Partner, Confidante and Servant…..

You really gotta hand it to the Masters of The Universe that have been running US foreign policy for the last two decades…thousands of US military lives lost, hundreds of thousands of Iraqi lives lost and for what?

We are indeed withdrawing from Iraq…..(not much left to bomb anymore). And what have we got to show for it?   Well mostly, nothing. The arch enemy of the good and peaceful and noble us….IRAN is moving in, making it Shia friendly….not good for US interests, but then I’m sure someone thought about that right?

And what about the tens of thousands of US soldiers who are forever mentally and physically scarred?   Do they have the satisfaction of knowing they served to liberate a people, that they left them in a better place? Or will our soldiers forever feel the sting of a failed and horribly disastrous foreign policy?





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