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Insider Steals and Short Sale Deals In Saint Petersburg!

Are There Deals In This Foreclosure Crisis?

As a Saint Petersburg attorney who practices primarily in real estate and particularly in foreclosure defense, I frequently come across deals on real estate that are just absolutely fantastic!   In response to frequent questions from clients and other parties who are looking for properties for themselves or for others, I am starting this new blog which will feature profiles of properties that I think are great deals and ready to close.   If you’re interested in properties, click on the properties below then contact the realtor directly!

Pool Home on Exclusive Snell Isle Golf Course!

vinoy sunset ballroom

Click HERE for a visual tour of this fantastic three bedroom home which is directly on the seventh hole of the Vinoy Golf Club.   This home previously appraised for almost $700,000, and will now sell for a staggering reduced price of $200,000!!!   This house is currently under contract and it will likely be an example of a great deal that just slipped away.   I have included this as a test and a good case study of deals to come!

Please leave comments if you are interested in more deals like this one!


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