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Indymac Federal Lawsuit- Feds Sue Former Indymac Directors

indymac-foreclosure-fraudThe attached lawsuit provides important and valuable information about Indymac generally that can be useful in every Indymac case.   Now I didn’t read the entire 317 page lawsuit, but I poured through the first hundred or so pages.   It provides very detailed insight into the corporate culture that led to the collapse of Indymac.

Remember as you are engaged in foreclosure litigation on behalf of homeowners that the federal government, through the FDIC, concocted a sweetheart deal where yet another group of fat cat Wall Street types will undoubtedly make obscene profits while you and I (and the homeowner being sued for foreclosure) will absorb all the risk and loss.   It is with this in mind that Indymac/Onewest homeowner foreclosure cases sting me so badly.   In my equitable world, if you’ve got an Indymac foreclosure they would be forced to accept a most generous modification or short sale in order to set off the phenomenal deal that’s already been done…..but then that’s the fantasy world I live in…..


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    my name is Sal Rodriguez i lost a house from indi mac mortgage in year 2010 at the address
    80 928 brown st indio ca, 92201 is there a sue against indi mac or was a sue? because i receive a letter from one of the firms that sue indi mac but i lost the letter.let me know thanks.

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