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Improper Court Procedure- Dropping Lost Note Count

Here is an example of an objection to dropping the lost note count as a basis for objecting to summary judgment.

Objection to Summary Judgment Based on Lost Note

The improper procedure of dropping the lost note count and granting Final Judgment of Foreclosure (and then issuing a title to the property based on that improper Final Judgment) sets up yet another in a long line of issues that will permit titles to real estate to be set aside and invalidated. See the attached case law for issues relating to improper judgments.

Bay & Gulf Laundry Improper Partial Judgment

As advocates, particular we real estate and title attorneys, we need to continue to make clear to our judges that one of the biggest problems this crisis has created is fatal issues that will cloud title to real estate for decades to come.


  • Sipapu says:

    I work daily, after the foreclosure sales, trying to correct these foreclosure deficiencies in order to provide the new buyers with clear title. It is for all practical purposes IMPOSSIBLE to do so. The essay from the gentleman defending himself – I see this activity on almost every file and I examine 800 of these across the state of Florida every month. I don’t know what to do about it – I try to demand they fix the most glaring mistakes, but far, far more is done improperly than correctly. Typos, ommissions, fraudulent docs, fraudulent notaries – I’d love to know where all these thousands of lost notes and mortgages are. It is totally unbelieveable, disgusting and more suited to a third-world country than the United States.

    • Sipapu says:

      That wasn’t written very well – and had a couple typos myself. It is frustrating. The foreclosure mills act exactly like the”Foreclosure From A Client’s Perspective- A Very Good Read” – and seem impervious to any common sense approach. Stern’s Office has been cited in open court for falsifying notary acknowledgements, affidavits – in one case the same vice-president sihned affidavits in California and Texas – on the same day for two different companies. Stern made $44 million in profit last year.

  • janet williams says:

    PLEASE do not stop trying to HELP us ALL, Because god knows we need it, thank u very much! janet williams

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