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Image Backed Securities- Our Courts Sponsoring Fraud and Lies…

“Our” legal and regulatory system. (ours in the sense that we used to own them before they were made captive institutions of the banks) is encouraging the on going commission of crimes.

Foreclosure sales and crimes continue and there is evidence to support the proposition that the fraud and the document fabrication are only increasing…but then why wouldn’t they when none has been punished?


  • Lit Gant says:

    The problem here is that judges do not care about the rule of law, the legality of the mortgage documents, all they care about is clearing their case load. One judge asked the defendant: “did you stop making your mortgage payments?” Answer: “yes your honor but there are reasons.” Judge: “sorry, I do not want to hear it. You admitted you defaulted and the case is closed.” She ordered a summary judgment. The defenses of the defendant where not heard. The judge sat smirking as the defendant left the court room. Then the judge said: “are they are more cases in here where you stopped making your mortgage payments? If so, come on up right now because I am going to deny all your motions and enter a summary judgment.” Where upon about five people got up and one by one, case number called, and the defendants ushered out of the court. Judges are not little gods although most of them think they are. What needs to happen is to appeal these black-dressed vigilanti rouges. And they need to be voted out of office. If they denied justice to one home owner they do not deserve to be a judge any more. Let them go back to ambulance chasing or passing out flyers to those leaving nursing homes to try and pick up an injury case. The shysters may have their day now, and they can ruin our land court records, but this only gives reason if the time ever came to join a revolution to right the wrongs of a government system that was unfair and nothing was done about it. Will the US see its only “spring?” The courts could sure help make sure this never happens by following the rule of law and stopping all the fraud they are participating in.

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    Forgery is now the business plan.

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