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Ignoring The Fraudclosure Lawlessness: Tyranny, Fascism, Motivated Blindness

I must hold out hope that our nation’s judges will respect the Oath they took to The Constitution and will serve as a counterbalance to the overwhelming power and influence of the banks.
Clearly, for now, the decision has been made for the majority of our nation’s judicial branch to sit on the deck of the Titanic and watch as the legislatures and the executive branches (fulfilling their obligations to respect and obey the corporate masters they serve) order that the ship of state called our nation’s banking, financial and corporate finance sector charge HARDER, FASTER, MORE POWERFULLY STRAIGHT INTO THE ICEBERG.
In the face of crisis, and billion dollar losses, and overwhelming evidence of Control Fraud and good old fashioned Fraud and outright theivery, the corporate masters have convinced the government that they must be allowed to continue……This is clearly a good and honest and strategically proper course for the ship called our nation….right?
But of course it’s not our nation.   I don’t get to wear Presidential cufflinks when I stand before The Inquisition to Defend My Crimes.   My crimes called defending The Rule of Law and standing up for my country and my fellow man.
I recognize that the biggest driver in this decisonmaking is the recognition that things are so bad, if they actually held them accountable, the Ponzi scheme called The World Economy would collapse.
So we keep heading faster, into the iceberg.
Ann Tenbrunsel, a professor of business ethics at the University of Notre Dame, attributes the failure to stop Sandusky to a phenomenon she calls “motivated blindness,” a tendency, whether subconscious or deliberate or sometimes both, to ignore unethical or even criminal behavior by others when you perceive it to be in your best interest to do so. Motivated blindness “means I don’t probe, I don’t ask, I don’t believe,” Tenbrunsel said. “I have evidence in front of me but choose to disregard facts.”
Some people could have kept quiet about their suspicions because they wanted to protect Penn State and its beloved ““ and highly lucrative ““ football program, or their own jobs, she said. Others might not have wanted to believe the sainted Sandusky capable of the abuse he’s now charged with.
“You have all kinds of examples of people who either did not notice, or when they did notice didn’t engage in behaviors that would have stopped it because it wasn’t in their best interests to do so,” said Tenbrunsel, co-author of “Blind Spots,” a book that explores why otherwise decent people sometimes fail to do the right thing.

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