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I Practice Law In The Era of Lawlessness, When The Rule of Tyrants Became Fully Expressed

At some point in time we’ll all look back on this time, this horrible period of time and we will all recognize the evil and harm that was allowed to flourish and grow all around us.   We are all guilty of letting this happen because none of us did nearly enough to fight back.   Sure a few people stood up…they were promptly and swiftly smacked down.   Lynn Syzmoniak continues to be harassed…along with her lawn man, her pool boy and God only knows who else.

Everyone else who has bothered to stand up has been attacked as well.   I watched a friend get slammed with a subpoena the other day in a most public place….it was a personal attack…but the Dark Side made damn sure they attacked in the most bullying fashion…they   were most definitely making a point.

Prior to the most aggressive attacks and incursions made on the German people, the Nazis moved in direct and furtive attacks.   A few hits here, a few laws there.   Take down a few moderate officials that voiced opposition.   Attack anyone who stood up and pushed back.

In this country, all around us…the Dark Side is crushing our laws, our way of life, our humanity, our system of laws and our courts.   I give credit to those judges who have the common sense and frankly the perspective to see what is happening in their courtrooms and stand up against the lawlessness and tyranny.   But our laws, our courts are an interconnected fabric and when any thread of that fabric is frayed and worn, the entire fabric is lost.

We will not simply, “Get through this”.   You do not get through crimes and lies and fraud and tyranny by rewarding and encouraging all of that.   But this is happening every single day. In courtrooms, in legislatures in the White House and in Congress.

And we all just sit here watching passively as it all goes down.   The future really is terrifying. I only wished that judges and leaders and thinking people would have woken up and stopped all this before it got so out of hand.

But they did not.   And we will all pay a horrible price.



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