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Foreclosure Defense Florida

I Need YOU! I need your stories….

The gig is up. The word is out.   The national press is on the scene.   Now they need real examples of the horrors of the foreclosure courtroom.   My problem is I have few horror stories to share.   Fortunately, the judges in the Sixth Judicial Circuit are pretty fair   and most of my clients get their cases resolved without the real horrors that I hear about from elsewhere.   The foreclosure mill attorneys don’t get too many cracks in on me or my clients…..WE DO THE KICKING AND PUNCHING IN MY CASES.

Having said that, I know this is all about to change.   I know there are going to be families who first find out their home is sold in foreclosure when the investor or sheriff comes knocking at the door.   I know there are families who have no notice of their hearings. I know there are families who lost there home to Jeffrey Stephan or other faulty affidavits.

Soon I will create a forum where everyone can come and share these stories, but for now, please email me directly at if you want to do it privately, or post your story here along with your contact information.

Thank You.


  • MR says:

    Hi Matt ,
    My story has been out in the media since Ice Legal became interested in my case. Mr. Chris Immed has sent me reporter’s , after reporter , and I accepted willing..anything to help the “Cause”
    I have given telephone interviews to ABC News with Ray Sanchez , ” Daily Business Review ” with Paola Isuspa , and with Ariana Eunjung Cha… This story was published in ARRP ….

    Yesterday I was interviewed live by Mrs. Gerri Willis of Fox Business News ( via satellite ) . I told my story , I hope the viewer grasped the injustice of these fraudulant kangaroo courts.

    In a very brief short story . I was evicted on April 08,2010 by a Nazi Gestopo type sheriff , lock changing crew , and a gang of eviction movers who stole 99% of my household contents ….
    My Plaintiff’s were JPMorgan Chase , Bank of New York Mellon . The bogus affidavit was from Mr. Jeffrey Stephan, the plaintiff’s attorneys was The Florida Default Law Group… The only other document used as proof of standing was an alleged P. Note with 2 forged indorsements ..The Judge didn’t see it my way , so I filed an Appeal , and a Quiet Title….as a Pro Se , none of these have concluded .
    I am member of the Foreclosure Hamlet as Luigie my wife is MR.
    I want to help in any way I can…I also do political cartoons ….see some of them at Hamlet…Luigie.

  • YODE says:

    Matt, I as many appreciate what you are doing to educate as well as incite folks to stand up and demand that their rights not be trampled under, but the fact of the matter is, that ALL mortgages have been and still are created in fraudulent methods. This is done through omission and deception at the onset. The one who signs the “Note” at closing is the CREDITOR and the BANK (or other alleged “lending institution”) is the TRUE DEBTOR………. This thing or “fiasco” as it has been called in, reference to the “counterfeit documents” being created to steal people’s homes is just creating an “out” for these European Bankers (a/k/a Federal Reserve Banks) so as to provide an end to this challenging of their right to foreclose, without sheding the light on the fact that (and I say again) that ALL THESE MORTGAGES WERE CONCEIVED IN FRAUD AND ARE THUS NULL AND VOID. ANY PAYMENTS MADE OVER THE YEARS SHOULD BE RETURNED TO THE ALLEDGED “BORROWERS” WHO WERE IN FACT THE TRUE CREDITORS!

  • YODE says:

    Please go to the following link. It will take you to a 4 Shared file of 170 pages which contains an explaination of the fraud titled “Where Does The Fraud Begin” along with memorandums, an affidavit from someone who was once working for the Fed. Reserve, a piece explaining how “Securitization Is Illegal” as well as rulings from Judges in Ohio and more…… It is called The FBI DOCS…. Download and copy for free…Learn…. Be Free……….;jsessionid=BC20A5F3AEAFC122D49C85ADCAB09F9E.dc216

  • newton69 says:

    My property is in foreclosure by the same kind of falsified documents and violations of my contract by a homeowner’s association lawyer.

    It is all the same principle. Taking people’s property without adhering to the law. And it is still a FORECLOSURE MILL.

  • litgant says:

    Luigie, where do you live in Florida? Are you able to provide a pdf copy of your appeal and quiet title? If so, email me a copy I want to review them. I am Pro Se but am in process of hiring an attorney.


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