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I was certainly pleased that the ultimate corruption of privatized prisons did not go through, but was really disturbed to see how it got here…these personal interests coming into consideration to determine major issues of policy:

The senator wanted his son Rod reappointed to the state Board of Chiropractic Medicine, and Scott did it. Jones also wanted some people reappointed to the board of trustees for St. Petersburg College, where he works, and Scott chose two of the four people Jones favored, Deveron Gibbons and Ken Burke.

It’s all so disgusting….more here



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  • incognito123 says:

    I also call it corruption, but it was equal to Senator Smith on the B&I Committee stating to Senator Latvala “you owe me one” after his vote was clearly bought to let the bill pass the committee 6-4, when it could have been killed in committee. These thieves need to be removed from office and replaced by people who represent ALL FLORIDIANS!!

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