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How Many Million Taxpayer Dollars Must Be Spent In Order For Goldman Sachs To Buy A Foreclosed Home In Tampa or Saint Petersburg? (And Watchout if you face a foreclosure trial!)

The entirety of this corrupt US government spends untold billions of dollars propping up the banking cabals that continue to abuse the consumers and taxpayers that bailed them out.  But I want to know just how many hundreds of millions of my state taxpayer dollars are being spent to  fund the Foreclosure Process here in Florida.  And in Florida, the Foreclosure Process primarily rewards the very banks, hedge funds and foreign trusts that caused all this mess in the first place.

We should all start to understand that our taxpayer dollars are being diverted from things like medicine and health care and education and is in fact being funneled into an operation that only rewards the banking class.  I suppose things might be a little bit different if Florida’s foreclosure auctions were truly public, market price driven events where local realtors and contractors and ultimately local families moved into these homes and neighborhoods, but this is not the case.  Those who are profiting from the foreclosure machine that is running out of control in Florida are institutional sources who are influenced by a whole different set of priorities…..

Here is an excerpt from the report:

The funding proposal, including workforce and technology resources, totals $35,019,015
over the next three fiscal years. Due to limitations in space and resource capacity in the trial
courts and given the official forecast, which projects that foreclosure filings will not return to
normal levels until FY 2016/17, it is not feasible to expect that the courts could dispose of the
current backlog of foreclosure cases in a single year. Additionally, funding the initiative over a
period of three fiscal years provides the trial courts with the ability to attract and retain more
qualified employees by offering longer term employment, a problem many circuits have faced
when provided with short-term funding.
The amended FY 2013/14 LBR proposal includes $9,918,812 for judicial and case
management resources and $5,262,579 for a one time funding of technology hardware,
software, electronic storage, and programming/integration costs, totaling $15,181,391. For
both FY 2014/15 and FY 2015/16, the amended LBR proposal includes a continuation of the
$9,918,812 for judicial and case management resources (see Figure 7-5).


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