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How Deep Will The Robo Signer / RoboJudge / Foreclosure Fraud Scandal Go?

See an article here that shows how we’ve known about the foreclosure problem for a very long time and yet done nothing about it:

Washington Post Article

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  • Great video Matt, GREAT ideas and insights, as always. I especially like your idea of homeowners making payments into some sort of TRUST so we can DISPENSE with all of the haters out there uber-focused on “they aren’t paying their payments!!” and get rid of the “house for free” distraction – which as we who have a 5th grade education, know that this crisis has NOTHING whatsoever to do with BORROWERS. SOON, as pensions disappear from the “I am current on my mortgage and you should be too” robots, they will FINALLY “GET IT”. Thanks for all you do. ~SA

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