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How Bad “Law” From Florida is (trying) to Corrupt The Rest of The Country…..

We all know Florida is developing some….ahhh, interesting “legal” theories.   One notable new legal concept from the Sunshine State is called,

“there’s no such thing as forgery, we call it “surrogate signing” down here”

(except that wait a minute isn’t that what AHMSI is suing LPS for?)

and then there’s this other one called,

“there’s no such thing as notary fraud down here we call it, “not illegal to violate the express terms of Florida’s Notary Law”

and then one of my favorites:

“banks can kick down doors whenever they damn well please, don’t worry with any court case, much less an Order”

If it all sounds rather scary and lawless and anarchy-like, well, you’re right.   It is indeed quite terrifying to live in a state where blatant White Collar Criminal Lawlessness has replaced hundreds of years worth of a state’s developed body of statutory and case law.   Where citizens and consumers lie helpless in the face of corporations and an entire system of government that is turned squarely against them, bought off and corrupted as it is by campaign cash.

foreclosure-fraudYes sir, if you want to see the very worst form of White Collar Criminal Oligarchy that bankster money can buy, well just turn your gaze down here to Florida and you’ll find a perfect case study….everywhere you turn.   And the world is indeed watching.   There are still a few people who give a damn.   A few strong and brave voices who dare to stand up and point out the insanity and danger in all of this.

I find it most regrettable and frankly terrifying that we live in a state where such lawlessness is the accepted state of affairs. I hope that our northern brothers and sisters, all fellow Americans, will not abandon all the good people who live down here and who suffer under this tyranny….take note of what some quite esteemed and authoritative sources say about the state of affairs:

Wow. So LPS used the whitewash IG report from Florida to justify the dismissal of their lawsuit in Nevada. And remember, LPS lobbyists more recently urged the Florida AG’s office to intervene on their behalf in a criminal case in Michigan. The connections between the FLorida AG’s office and LPS just continue to grow.

This also happens to be BS.



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