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Foreclosure Defense Florida


First reported on I wanted to share with everyone a major development that has implications for the entire foreclosure industry–a brand new federal lawsuit against David Stern and DJSP, David J Stern Enterprises.   The attached lawsuit, filed in Federal Court for the Southern District of Florida just yesterday details 30 pages worth of very troubling allegations against the principals of one of the largest foreclosure mills in the country.

david-stern-suedThe allegations are just that…allegations, but if they are proven true and if the exceptionally detailed statements were relied upon by major financial players who invested in DJSP….there’s probably some kind of trouble.   Read the complaint in its entirety.   Take each statement and allegation and ask, “What does it mean if just one of the allegations are true?”

And for the hundreds of thousands of homeowners across this state that have been victimized by the (ahem) Law Offices of David Stern….and for the judges all across this state that have been inundated by foreclosure slop from the (ahem) Law Offices of David Stern…what would proof that these allegations are correct mean?

I have the distinct feeling that this is just the beginning…..reading the very specific allegations made simply confirms my suspicions that something is very wrong in the Twilight Zone world that must be the (ahem) Law Offices of David Stern…It’s a sad commentary that abuses of court process and homeowners is tolerated and that it apparently takes abusing rich and powerful investors before real attention is paid to one’s wrongdoing, but at least some are standing up to take notice…..Read below and stay tuned!


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