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MERS shadow figureMERS is a dark and shadowy corporate figure playing out behind the scenes in millions of foreclosures across the country.   For an entity that has played and continues to play such a critical role in the devastation of so many American’s lives, very little is known about the company, how it operates and their internal corporate structure.

Take the time to read this deposition and, while you won’t know all you need to know, quite a bit of the corporate structure and organization will be laid out, along with some very important fault lines exposed. For attorneys and advocates out there trying to figure out if you need a MERS deposition, this depo will show you why you do.

When they object, this deposition excerpted for your judge will help the judge to understand why testimony of a MERS agent, along with the purported “vice president” or whomever executes documents purportedly upon the lender’s behalf, is critical to establish whether proper authority ever existed for the purported MERS Assignment of Mortgage.






  • forensicmortgageexaminers says:

    Hey Matt,

    Thanks for posting these! A slight problem… of the four pdfs, three of them are upside down. I have rotated and saved them on my computer, if you’d like, feel free to email me at gmail using my screenname.

    Thanks agin for all the great info!

  • ForeclosureHamlet says:

    While I do feel that the world seems upside down now that we’ve all been scammed and our judges rubber stamp the outcome leaving families homeless: reading these upside down documents is harder than I thought when I attempted the feat.

    Any chance of righting these for ease of reading?

    Thank you very much.

  • Mike Dillon says:

    Apologies for the orientation on some of those pages, Attorney Weidner. I couldn’t get them to stay flipped either w/o printing out 100 or so pages and re-scanning them or ripping the pdf completely, rotating each page and re-assembling it in it’s entirety. Figured it would be a small price for anyone needing them to rotate them before they went to read.

    Hope someone will benefit from them….

  • Susie says:

    OH MY WONDERFUL GOD I have only finished the 1st transcript, what a revelation, auction date is July 3, 2012 and i needed ammunition for UD, Quiet title, is transcript admissable in court? Orientation is so not a problem people………Thanks so much for posting

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