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portfolio-hedging-dimonAs most of the world knows, the banking community’s silver tongued mouthpiece got himself all slathered up to make a little speech before Congress yesterday.   I’m talking of course about JPMorgan Chase’s Jamie Dimon.   And of course because Chase has so slathered up all of Congress with campaign contributions, no one wanted to ask him any hard questions.
The banks are gambling with taxpayer money. Not their money, my Money. And I don’t like it.
But I’ve been obsessing for weeks now over an even more disturbing phenomena….the fact that Jamie Dimon is sending thugs to drill out the locks and forcibly enter homes all across this country.   You know by now about all my cases.   There are more cases, many more cases.   In fact this week I was contacted by one of this state’s most powerful attorneys….who had his home broken into….they messed with the wrong house this time!
The longer they keep me obsessing over the banks breaking into homes, the more furious I become and the more ways I think to bring these claims.   They are foolish to let these things linger out there, but then it really is arrogance, raw unabashed arrogance.
And that will fell them eventually.

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