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Have You Become Sufficiently Disgusted By The Republican Party? Are You Finally Ready To Do Something About it? CHANGE YOUR PARTY AFFILIATION NOW!

I have been a registered Republican my entire life.
I have become increasingly not just disappointed, but disgusted by what I see happening not just with politics in general, but with the Republican party in particular.
The lies.
The fraud.
The blatant, abject, in your face corruption.
The arrogance.
The angst and the anger.
The hateful, divisive spewing rhetoric.
Here in Florida, the details of the Jim Greer v. Repulican Party of Florida lawsuit put all the dirty laundry on display….there’s nothing like reading about all the dirty laundry all detailed in depositions and court pleadings between the parties.   The lawsuit details the party big shots blowing hundreds of thousands of dollars, the party leadership living high on the hog….using the campaign contributions given by members.   You really have to be mentally defective if you contribute one additional dollar to the GOP while all this is public record.
But what really has pushed me over the edge is watching how the bullies and thugs have attacked and beat up one of their own leaders, Ron Paul. They cheated, they lied, they bullied and they attacked both him and his supporters in primary fights all across the country.
I watched as my neighbor, Ferg’s Bar, a small business, was cut out of having a large gathering of Ron Paul supporters because they turned the entire area around the St. Petersburg Times Forum into a concentration camp like security zone. (story here)
And they continued the bashing and fighting all the way to the convention floor in Tampa.   Watching what was going down, and how it continues to go down was the last straw.   Fighting with legitimate, credentialed Republican Party Delegates and refusing to let them even be seen, much less given them the respect they are legitimately entitled to was too much. (story here)
So, I’m removing my registration from the Republican Party.
Now, I’m no fan of the Democratic party either….so I’m electing to change my registration to NO PARTY AFFILIATION!

It’s a one page form, it takes about two minutes and here it is.

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  • Thomas says:

    So you want me to become a democrat? Are you out of your mind Matthew??? You need to clarify…both parties are on the same team…wake up and clarify, you are making people think you are pro-Democrats (NDAA, etc) Thanks for your site, I appreciate you sticking up for the foreclosed.

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