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Have Florida’s Courts Declared War Against Foreclosure Defense?

I woke this morning to read a just issued court Order which reads like a partisan manifesto against foreclosure defense.   This long and detailed order makes many, many findings of fact and bends and twists to fit those facts into many different interpretations of law.   The order cites cases from long, long ago and from far, far away.   It’s quite incredible to read on order that cites case law from different states…especially when there’s a real deep body of case law from right here in the circuit.   And one’s legal analysis radar really start going off when an order is buried deep citing cases from decades ago….just after the turn of the century.   No, not this century, but the early 1900’s.

My read of this order gives me very serious concerns about whether defendants in foreclosure will get a fair and impartial shot before the court.   But this order is just another example of an alarming…and growing trend….I read in this order, and see in many policies currently being implemented in courts across the state, a real tilt in the balance of foreclosure, with courts deciding that they must


And the easiest way to do this is to grant as many foreclosure judgments as possible….as quickly as possible.   I am trying to confirm that there is a real deadline to clear cases and report back to the paymasters in Tallahassee no later than June 1.   If in fact this is true, it’s most incredible, and most concerning from a Constitutional perspective.   If in fact the parties in lawsuits provided money that flows to our allegedly fair and balanced courts….I’m speaking specifically of the $5 million dollars provided by The Banks as part of the AG settlement…and if in fact “our” courts are using this money to fund foreclosure rocket dockets which are resulting in a grossly disproportionate number of foreclosure final judgments, does this not look like those who are benefiting from this new court fury have in fact paid, directly, for the outcome they’re getting?

What if the drug cartels, as part of their plea deals with government attorneys, agreed to pay $5 million in fines. And what if government officials announced they were spending that money specifically on drug courts, hiring special judges and staff.   And then what if we found out that these new courts were told, very specifically to,


And then what if, immediately thereafter, tens of thousands of those drug cases were unilaterally set for trial or disposition by the court.   And when the prosecutors walked into court they found that nothing they said would prevent the judge from dismissing drug cases, one after the other, en masse?   And what if the defense attorneys really didn’t have to do anything…they just stand there letting the court walk them through how the court wanted to help them get their case dismissed…overlooking real problems with their cases that would surely result in at least some convictions?

Well, that’s certainly what foreclosure courtrooms are starting to look like in this state.   And that presents very troubling questions about the independence and impartiality of Florida’s entire judicial system.

Consumers had better WAKE UP! And smell the acrid smoke of their faded delusions of security burning right in front of their faces.   Consumers…and frankly attorneys…have been living a delusion for far too long, thinking that they were living protected and safe just because their foreclosure cases were not moving.   If consumers….or attorneys for that matter…think they’re going to march into courtrooms and scream


And think that’s going to matter in most courtrooms, they really are delusional. As I said, time to WAKE UP!

Attorneys are starting to get mass Notices of Trial, and I’m certain this is happening to consumers as well. And I’m really concerned about the numbers of consumers who will get these notices and ignore them or worse yet, those who don’t get them at all.   Their realization that things have gone really wrong will be the knock at the door from the sheriff that comes to evict them.

Terrifying times.

(And to those who want to see the order and who want more specifics out of me, remember, I have suffered formal prosecution for daring to exercise my First Amendment rights and threatened with more punishment after being reminded that “there are limits on an attorney’s First Amendment rights” …huh? to this day, I still shake my head at that.   I have a very fine line to navigate here on this blog…I frankly think that my only real security is that if they really came after me, I’d really unload and that I’d be far more dangerous if they turned me out and made a real martyr out of me…so they let me dance on this fine line, where I’m too vague to cause real damage…….for now)


  • Learning2 says:

    Can we read the Case?

  • Mary says:

    Why is this not all over the news????? This is so frustrating to read.

  • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

    Would you be so kind as to post the Order to which you are referring?

    I would like to know what to expect in other jurisdictions because if this really is politically designed, I would expect similar decisions against homeowners’ legal rights throughout the nation. I am currently working on an objection to a bankruptcy court decision which held, among many other bizarre rulings, that an original mortgagee could assign a mortgage 3 times if all the assignments were made to the same party. Clearly, once a mortgage is lawfully assigned, there is nothing left to assign on the second (or third) assignment. The first recorded mortgaqe assignment was a forgery created after the a nonmortgagee had commenced foreclosure. The second produced assignment of mortgage was never recorded and was, therefore, not perfected as required by bankruptcy law to create a secured interest in the assignee (this, too was alleged to be a forgery.) The third assignment was made and recorded after the bankruptcy was filed and was, therefore, an attempt to perfect a secured interest after the bankruptcy was filed and would not perfect the security interest. The judge skipped any issue with respect to the validity, timing or effect of the three assignments, required by normal lien perfection analysis and merely held that any and all of the three mortgage assignments
    were acceptable because the same party was the assignee on all assignments. That decision would allow the confiscation of any home without identifying the validity of any security interest.

    Simultaneously, a state appeals court in the same state held, contrary to existing law, that a computer print out of a payment record could be considered over objection to the lack of a personal knowledge of affiant (who was pretended to be a Vice President but was actually an independent contractor for support services) because information on the print out was a “test” result and the person pretended to be Vice President” of the organization was presumed to have the requisite personal knowledge by the mere claim of a false position as “Vice President.”

    Reading the two cases together, any home can be confiscated with a forged mortgage assignment, a copy of the classic undated endorsement in blank produced at any time in the proceedings, and a computer printout showing a default in payments. In the second case, the homeowner was one month in arrears when the debt was accelerated and foreclosure was commenced. The printout read that the entire balance of the mortgage payment was due at the time of the commencement of the action.

    Please note that the federal court judges are all vested in a retirement plan purportedly funded by stock in financial institutions and mortgage backed securities and that state’s judiciary is vested in a retirement plan in which 65% of the assets are in mortgage backed securities. These are actual financial conflicts of interest, not disclosed and thoroughly disqualifying, but for disclosure and analysis on the record that the “Rule of Necessity” requires the judge to preside because all other judges are equally conflicted. In other words, the judges have been effectively captured by the financial institutions.

    • sorry….i won’t post it…too politically dangerous and i don’t want to assist in wider spread…

      • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

        I understand that the publication of bad legal reasoning can have the reverse effect of exposing it to the light. In this era, nonfinal, nonprecedential reasoning is elevated to persuasive status by the desperation of the FFI’s (Financial Fraud Institutions) LLs (Lawyer Lackeys) to give the CCs (Complicit Courts) a sense of comfort in abandoning the Rule of Law. Another judge thought it, wrote it down, so I am free to decide in favor of the FFI using the same twisted nonreasoning. Then, I can be free to sanction the homeowner’s lawyer because s/he should have known that the twisted reasoning in the nonfinal, nonprecedential order in Case A, would be applied to Case B, even though Case A is entirely distinguishable on the facts from Case B and the reasoning in Case A is being reconsidered prior to appeal because it turned out that the order in Case A was entered by the father of a lawyer for the same FFI acting as a judge without disclosing the possible conflict of personal interest. I am in this position right now, so I understand why we could choose not spread bad reasoning. Still, I prefer to expose bad reasoning to the light as a warning to others. The Wisconsin Court of Appeals just refused to reconsider its ruling in a case in which it ignored forgery and perjury. Next stop: Wisconsin Supreme Court on discretionary review only if it accepts the case. For better or worse, things are accelerating now. We might as well get this battle out in the open for all to see. We still have judicial elections in Wisconsin and people should have a chance to know what kind of legal reasoning they are electing.
        As a client of mine said years ago, people don’t care about the rights of others charged with crimes until someone they know and care about is subjected to criminal prosecution. It seems that no one cares about the neighbor who is losing the home because of FFI crimes either and perhaps only the complete failure of the land title system will bring people to an understanding of what they lost. Over a million forged documents prepared and filed by LPS, no requirement to take direct action to withdraw the forgeries from the public record and only requiring such action if LPS is authorized to do so–authorized by whom? Forged documents are a nullity and must be removed from the public record. The majority of the forgeries are reported to be mortgage satisfactions. Valid mortgage satisfactions must be required to the same extent as valid assignments of mortgages are required for foreclosure. To do otherwise ends the recordation of valid documents of title in this nation and defeats the private rights of land ownership in this nation because even adverse possession under color of a forged title does not clear the title from the forgery. Nor does a statutory change shortening the time to vacate a judgment procured thereon validate forged documents as the title companies imagine in their current lobbying effort in Florida. Even a holder in due course for value and without notice of the forgery is powerless to overcome the previous forgery under current law. Forgery is not a defect in title. It is a nullity. We are now entering the twilight zone of land titles and we are going back in time to the time before the Statute of Frauds circa 1671. Hundreds of years of legal reasoning is being set aside to serve a criminal conspiracy. The only good thing about this crisis is that perhaps we will finally realize that we cannot own land, but can only live with the land for our short sojourn here. We are not wise enough or ethical enough to respect human rights, let alone care for this land to preserve it for posterity, so this may be the end of the ghost dance prophecy:
        The White Buffalo will be born. (The White Buffalo was born in Wisconsin in 1975)
        The Ancestors will return. (Many of us are fighting the calvary all over again as blood thirsty greed comes over the hill to dispossess us of our humble dwellings and drive us into the wilderness, without shelter from the elements.)
        The White Man will be driven from the continent. (From the Native American perspective, White Man meant trickery, deceit, broken promises, fraud and mass murder.)
        A land without land titles might be healed, but history suggests that a middle class can only flourish with strong private property rights.

    • me says:

      he will never post it.
      tell us case name and county, that is public record!

      • i respect mark but do not agree with all the ways he practices….having said that, he’s very very effective. and the real tragedy here is that much of our court system has turned so hostile against the people. the borrowere did not fabricate documents and borrowers attorneys are not encouraging and coaching witnesses to commit perjury, “i know mr. homeowner is in default”. and homeowner attorneys are not knowingly submitting forged paperwork…Linda Greene Assignments, all endorsements, fabricated default letters. i feel bad for the young foreclosure mill lawyers…they have shame in their eyes..and they should. those with honor and self respect leave the mills in short order.

        • me says:

          so Mark telling every Judge that he always wins these motions and this is what plaintiff always does or this is what I always receive, should be just fine and not questioned.
          someone needs to explain to him that he should address each case as its own case unless and until he has an appellate case(s) that supports his position. no one cares and Judge should not even consider an order from another circuit judge including that judge’s order from a different case. EACH CASE IS DIFFERENT!

  • richard rendina says:

    “Wake up”….you keep saying that, but what would you suggest? Foreclosure defense attorneys need to pull the same shit! Fight tooth and nail to delay cases…suggestions of bankruptcy, refusing to go forward and taking Writs to the District Court, any legal technique to delay and obstruct the banksters and their scum-bag lawyers from proceeding including Bar complaints. Enough is enough!

    • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

      You are suggesting unethical conduct, in part, by suggesting that we engage in litigation for the purpose of delay. We do not need to engage in delay to fully and fairly litigate these cases, but the Florida rocket dockets suggests that the federal courts be accessed through bankruptcy filings in good faith, listing the homestead as unsecured if the mortgage assignment is a forgery. Do not wait for the state trial court to determine the case in error. It is unsafe to even argue that the bankruptcy was filed within the appeal time from the state court decision, but I am testing the scope of the Rooker-Feldman doctrine from various perspectives. The state bar disciplinary authorities are no great threat to the lawyers who utter forgeries into the court record. They are a threat to homeowners lawyers if we engage in any conduct which can be characterized as unprofessional. When we oppose the money power we have to be as pure as the driven snow.

  • Ban KKiller says:

    Appreciate your work. Even here in podunk New Mexico. Just to let you know our courts are as corrupt as anywhere with judges saying in open court ” we can’t do anything to harm lending in New Mexico”. Ok then! Police do not know how to take a police report regarding banks using forged documents in a foreclosure case. The DA’s office knew nothing about the AG settlement with LPS and admitted they don’t have the resources to fight bank fraud. The deputy DA I spoke to just about crapped when she read Appendix A of the Department of Justice, Criminal Division settlement with LPS.

    My case is fine as I beat them to a standstill based on my motion for dismissal due to their forged docs. So far….anyway.

    Again, thank you for helping and being awake! Also very glad you have a life outside of this nonsense we call justice in Amerika. At least we are not in Russia or China….yet.

    • me says:

      how does a mtoion to dismiss work to defeat alleged forged docs?
      in FL everything in comlaint is assumed true!

      • indeed, even all your forged and fradulent documents are indeed assumed to be true… know what happens when you assume? you make an ass out of u. But on that we agree, most courts have simply agreed to let you continue getting away with your crime spree….congratulations.

      • Attorney Wendy Alison Nora says:

        Whether or not a document is forged is an issue of fact, but judicially noticeable facts may be considered on a Motion to Dismiss. Here is are some judicially noticeable facts: admissions by the claimant through its agents in other proceedings (why do you think that the FFIs try to suppress depositions?); decisions of other courts in which the claimant uttered forgeries and were held to account, cf. FNMA v. Bradbury and GMAC, Maine Supreme Court re: Jeffrey Stephan; obviously different signatures in the same name in public records; clearly different claimed authorities to sign by the same person in public records, such as VP of MERS, VP of Chase, VP of Indymac by the same person; public records showing that the original mortgagee did not exist at the time the mortgage assignment was made, etc. It can be done! Whether the courts will draw the obvious conclusion is the problem but the problem is not that it cannot be done.

  • Letty says:

    I really am considering moving to another country far beyond the interest if the US. These judges are executing what the evil doers want not realizing when there done with everyone else. Who will be left to come after will be them the same laws they helped to bend break ignore will come full circle to bite them in the arse.

  • me says:

    please provide the cite to this wonderful case you were reading. since you provided no case name or link.

  • me says:

    also your reference to a knock on the door is likely 6 months off from any notice of trial they receive.
    additionally prior to this notice of trial, how long has it been since these defendants last made a payment for their housing exxpense?
    do you have a mortgage? do you pay it?

    • listen you simple minded twit, you simpleton, you fool. what you dont seem to get is that the real issue here is our entire judicial system has thrown away all semblance of basic proedure and due process protections. you clearly feel that all fraud and forgery should be ignored without considering the long range implictions of this. what if you were in a custody battle and your spouse forged documents and committed fraud..and you lost? You okay with that. I see you don’t have the courage to identify yourself, you’re a coward…or worse you’re actually a judge who will not reveal his true bias. we are all damned by people like you who hide in the shadows and who have no courage or convictions.

      • me says:

        so what is the name of this great case you read, allegedly, this morning?

      • Matt Gardi says:

        Right on, Matt! I can never get over these simple minded, and clueless responses. “Duhhh, uh you not pay mortgage, you bad guy.” Consider not the fraud on the other end, the multi-pledged mortgages, the intentional destruction of title histories, the countless forgeries, and ultimately the outright purchase of our court system, the only thing standing between a free society and fascism.

        No need to worry about all that, just simplify it down to the fact everyone should keep paying a mortgage to the criminals that destroyed the connection between the homeowner and the true investor….probably the simpleton’s pension fund…but no need to fire off a neuron to connect the dots and realize they too have been defrauded by the same banking cartel. Just lay it on the homeowner… hey it’s easy, and saves time so you can tune back into Dancing with the Stars.

        Keep up the good fight, patriots like you are few and far between.

      • richard rendina says:


      • Letty says:

        Matt this guy is just a Troll dont feed the Troll hes baiting you dont go for it hes a plaintiff attorney that is pissed you are more highly recognized and regarded than he will ever be and that he is on the wrong side of the fight. He is just trying to get info from you. Let his lazy arse get his own info. I suggest you and stopa not list your strategies anymore because the other side reads what your brilliant minds do and try to attack it. Post good news but never strategy maybe have a newsletter or membership you can verify just my two scents.

    • woodknotgo says:

      @ M E -Do you have a mortgage & NOTE ?
      If so, Do you really know who your true Holder is ?
      Read paragraph 22 of your Mortgage-you have a right to cure !

      Many of us are still making payments….to a savings account.
      Have been begging to pay since 2008 !!
      Sure I have a Mortgage but never signed a NOTE-to be Securitized.
      I’m BIFURCATED-google that…
      and I have the willingness & ability to pay the proper party with proof of my debt.

      • me says:

        but your living for free since 2008 and you could present certified proof of these alleged payments into this saving account?
        Or are like most defendants, going on vacation, buying new cars and eating meals out but not paying or putting aside payments(notice I gave you the benifit of the doubt that you might be putting these pyments aside.)

      • me says:

        and most are NOT making payments to anything but their new car, vacations, meals out, along with getting their nails done, new purses and shoes.
        read the Note, it can be assigned to anyone or anything!

        • but who can assign the note? or endorse the note? why all the endorsement and assignment foregery and fraud? did they just not document properly after closing? or something bigger? methinks its because the notes and mortgages are flying all over the earth, pledged to many different end investors….a massive ponzi scheme. the judges, heavily invested in MBS, don’t seem to get that they are being scammed and defrauded by all the forgery they see and ignore. but at some point in time the ponzi scheme breaks….guess the judges just hope their retirement accounts are funded.

    • TheHutMaster says:

      Sounds like a criminal scumbag bank shill. These dumbasses get paid to be asshats.

  • Grace says:

    This is absolutely true. In a hearing on Monday afternoon, my judge made it very clear and stated that she wanted this case off her docket. I was then handed a sheet of paper with dates from 4/15 through 5/17 in which all foreclosure cases needed to be scheduled for a hearing. My judge made it very clear this is all pro forma. There will be no argument about who actually owned the loan at the time the action was filed and the authenticity of the paperwork. No, this is to get all these cases cleared. Rocket Docket has come to Broward county and woe to the homeowners who find themselves without counsel and unable to have their concerns addressed. My hearing is scheduled for 5/17 and I know that when it comes time to evict, I will get no time from this judge. She has made it very clear that I have had enough time in the house. Florida is soon to be number one in homeless families and we have the courts to thank for this. If anyone believes in the rule of law, the concept of clean hands and the idea that we all deserve are day, this is probably not the state you want to live in.

    • me says:

      and when did your client stop paying?
      are they paying the former payments into your trust account monthly?
      probably not!

      • no my client is not paying….but then, when approximately the same number of foreclosure cases have been dismissed in 2012 as granted judgments, paying the wrong party was probably not a good idea now….was it?

        • me says:

          so in all the cases where judgment was granted there were other people knocking down the courthouse doors claiming they were the proper party to be paid not the plaintiff?
          name one such case?

          • and assuming your statement is true, should we just allow all criminals to be convicted, regardless of the evidence…after all, they’re guilty of something….aren’t they? this nation was founded upon a legal system guarded by rules of evidence, procedure and substantive law. the lawyers were the guardians of those sacred principals. the principals are gone, the protections vaporized, lawyers violated that sacred trust.

          • me says:

            so when a foreclosure defense does things that are unethicial that should be allowed? that seems to be your reasoning?

          • me says:

            oh and in case your don’t know it, foreclosure is a civil matter under the contract signed by the defendants.

          • Jan says:

            I can absolutely name one such case that has not yet gone to judgment. Mine.

      • Letty says:

        Sounds like”me” is a jealous troll that wishes he could do the same but does not have the courage to do so. He is not a critical thinker that can think for himself. He doesnt understand that the American people are using the same laws that corporations have used as loopholes and shortcuts to their advantage but when the average joe does it its somehow loathsome. When a person gets 300 dollars in welfare they are the lowest of the low but when corporations get welfare but they cal it a bailout its somehow smart admirable we look up to these ceos that are actually thieves because they are in a suit and tie and smile in your face while they are robbing your 401k or pension plan but somehow thats ok. Wake up! Someone who steals trillions of dollars is no better than someone who steals 20 dollars. You have been trained well little monkey. Will you also keep dancing once the music stops playing.

        • me says:

          and how low is it when you don’t have to pay any living expense for husing because you choice to not make payments but likely still go on vacations, drive nice cars and eat at restuarants
          wake up, the American people are PAYING for your free housing!

  • Dar says:

    Mr Matthew D. Weidner, Esq;
    If Powers To Be shut people like you up, there will be nothing for the people but burn those courts up.
    Simply, there are too many foreclosures now, and coming.
    Keep up the good work, millions will be behind you

  • TheHutMaster says:

    The banks are corrupt corporate cabals who have been permitted to ravage this nation’s economy.

    They have stolen trillions from this generation, and worse, they have stolen trillions from our children and from our grandchildren. Not only have they been permitted to do so, they have been given help, encouragement and received direct assistance, they have received material aid and support from the state and federal governments that had a duty to protect and defend the citizens and communities who have been ravaged by the reckless and criminal conduct of these institutions.

    And while the state and federal governments may have settled with them. And while the state and federal governments may have accepted bribes, payoffs, settlements. And while the state and federal governments may have signed treaties, waived white flags of surrender, abdicated their offices and surrendered, I have not, and will NVER SURRENDER until these criminal F/C Mills see jail.

    For an example, Dirtbag David Stern is STILL a member in good standing with the Florida Bar. How can a criminal be in such a place? Well that scumbag knows where the bodies are burried, that is why. Jail these criminals for fraud upon our courts.

    • me says:

      compare Mr. Stern to what one Mark Stoppa does everyday in court and tell me whom should be dis-barred?

      • well now you really are showing your real stupidity….let me see…stern abandones tens of thousands of cases across the state….just sends a letter to judges saying he’s walking away….and stopa’s done what?
        Seriously Troll, how do you suspend all intellect to do your job here? it’s amazing really. but then they convinced the nazis to do that too.

        • me says:

          Mr. Weidner are you saying you don’t like Germans?
          when germany went nazis they screwed up but for you to compare that to foreclosure is way out of line!!
          and M.S. is a bad apple for foreclosure defense.

          • no, i don’t like what the german population allowed to occur in their country. hitler was a figurehead, but the madness was a nation. frankly not enough attention is given to the fact that concentration camps did not occur in out of the way places, but right in the middle of virtually every city. some were called concentration camps, others relief centers, ghettos. whatever they were called, the German People saw them and participated. and yes, what we see happening in this country is very much like pre Nazi Germany. our nation has chosen to ignore long standing laws and rules that existed to protect all of us. take a walk into a courtroom….there are certainly good judges, but there are also judges who view foreclosure defendants as The Problem and who have no concern whatsoever for the fraud, the forgery, the crimes and the lies of the plaintiff who moves to throw them out into the street. worse, we are failing to recognize that the very institutions that are exerting power and control over our state’s judicial system are the ones that have so choked and desecrated our courts with their lies, fraud and crimes.

        • me says:

          lied to the Court. Regularly!

          • most attorneys dont have the balls to confront the tyranny that is in our courtrooms….mark is not most attorneys. think about it…think how hard he was obviously arguing over a “simple” motion to dismiss. accept the version of the story the judge paints…..stopa getting so pissed off that they’re in an altercation….FOR A MOTION TO DISMISS! Now that’s someone who cares about their job and standing up for what’s right… i said, dont always agree with him, but respect his commitment

          • me says:

            he cares about his job or is crazy as a jaybird?
            MS only cares about getting more money from his clients for little or no work and then trying to steal additional funds 45 days before trial or withdrawing from case, rather than finding plan for his clients to move forward.
            he was a broke attorney before he starting stealing from foreclosure defendants!

      • Letty says:

        Can you please educate us as to what MR Stopa or Mr Weidner do that is illegal. Please educate us we all would love to hear. Enlighten us please.

  • D A N I L O says:

    Mr. Weidner:

    Let me congratulate you on your conviction, belief, sincerity, honesty and excellent FACT providing you do on a daily basis it provides rare inside look at BANKSTERS, some COURTS & JUDGES, REPUBLICAN legistlature are slowly attempting (make FLA non-judicial state). DO NOT SHUT UP or SHUT YOUR SITE DOWN.

    I’m a represented DEFENDANT in several fraudclosure cases now going on 4-5 years (2 dismiss, 1 @ 3rd DCA & 3 pending)i fear most the failure/refusal by many circuit and appellate court judges to apply existing civil foreclosure laws.

    “FWOP” quick legal way courts can clear docket BUT seldom used.

    Primary job A G- 2 protect, defend ALL citizens of Florida against these illegal/unconstitutional ABUSES. Yet continues unabated while taxpayer foot A G fat salary. You remember
    3 or 4 AG staff attorneys couple yrs ago suddenly “let go”
    when they investigated and going to report their findings publicly on fraudclosure abuses??

    • me says:

      so don’t you want the name of this alleged case Matt allegedly read in the morning?

      • It’s not just a case, it’s an order….a 17 page one, filled with all kinds of really bad things. but what i’m going to do is educate this judge to the fraud and the lies that you used and use that as a basis to convince him to revisit his order. no need to brodcast that now….

        • me says:

          then tell us all what case, what county. or does this order just exist in your mind?

          • troll, i don’t wish to use this forum to highlight what i view is incorrect judicial effort. The dark side is certainly empowered right now. The powers have spoken, and they have boldly announced that this nation…and especially our state’s court system, will continue down a dark path of lies, fraud, forgery and criminal conduct. But their orders are not executed in a vacuum, they rely upon the attorneys that work for the dark side…going into court to do what they know is wrong. Sadly, their legions are full, and their judgment is hollow. Like you…and everyone who labors on your side of this divide, they somehow justify their conduct. Every despot had soldiers willing to carry out his orders….didn’t they? This is no different.

    • me says:

      I will give Mr. Weidner credit for his professionalism, conviction, belief and sincerity.
      once in awhile he stretchs truth and facts to fit what he wants to say.
      I do respect Mr. Weidner!

      • the Dark Side came much closer to where I have been for 4 years. no free houses. admit the fraud, admit the mess, provide a workable mortgage that takes all into consideration. move on to the next one. no free houses and no forced evictions for those who will pay.

  • Mark Bowen says:


    You have done much good over time, but your refusal to post the case information is an indication of your true position. At the same time you wish for us all to see you as a General in the war against tyranny and corporate statism, you also wish to protect yourself from scrutiny by the status quo. Your association with the establishment may end up doing more harm to your clients, and eventual constituents, than you might imagine. Do you really believe that the other side in this war will not be informed of this order? If you are truly on the people’s side, you must post it; otherwise, you will be seen as nothing more than a hypocrite. You may not be a wolf in sheep’s clothing, but at least a weak and cowardly sheep. You must give us the order so we can prepare ourselves.

  • Matt, wall street has most likely provide lots of cash for moles, trolls, shills, and disinformationalists… feel free to post up any information on this subject here…

  • Jose says:


    You are right on with your posts and right on with what is going on with the foreclosure courts in Florida.

    We do not need you to post the citation of the case you are talking about to know what has been happening in these cases…

    I work as an attorney in South Florida and the rocket docket is in full force in Miami Dade and Broward County. The courts have set thousands of cases for trials and many of those trials have had similar results to what you discuss in your posts.

    The transcript that you recently posted of the “retired appeals court judge”, is an example of what has been happening in many many trials. By the way, that judge has actually been reprimanded by the Florida Bar for his actions in an other non-related case.

    The judges are not providing the defendants with due process and not allowing them or their attorneys to present defenses.

    In most cases, it seems that the judges have already ruled anyways. Why would a judge asks “what was the default date”? Then state that he/she may have ruled differently if the case wasn’t so old. How is that even relevant?

    Keep up the good work and keep posting your blogs… You have the support of many colleagues in Miami and Broward. Cheers!

  • J Smith says:

    Dear Matt,
    Keep up the great fight for homeowners fighting to save their homes. As my husband and I are one of those and yes we have not paid our mortgage in 5 months due to the fact their modifiction was a joke! Fraud on our loan papers and such as far as ME commenting, “you are a fool buddy either you are an attorney for the Gangster Bankers or a judge!” We have attorneys like Matt to fight for us and for what is right in this damned judicial system in Florida.”
    Rolling Stone has an article Matt, Issue 1177 dated 2-28-2013 titled, Gangster Bankers by Matt Taibbi. After reading this article I came to a realization, Why Vote?, Why put your money in the banks?, Why get a loan?, Why work?, Why invest?
    Every bank around this world is, Too Big To Jail! HSBC broke every law in the book, but its executives got to walk anyway, in a case that may change American justice forever! Every bank caught cheating, fraud you name it just pay their fine which they are happy to do and you guessed it, keep doing the same fraud to the American people and everywhere around the world. God help us all. Keep fighting for us Matt we need you. As far as Troll or Me or whatever the hell he is, Piss Off you idiot.

  • Anthony says:

    Keep on marching LMA off when the bond market crashes and take the pensions of the judges and they risked there own necks for forclosure mills I think we must see what going on in the cayman Island I hope OCwen and Nationstar don’t have any funny accounts for judges in Cayman Islands that would be wrong. Remember UCC code in writing / recorded / taxes paid / and perfected ! The banks and trust don’t have this plain and simple and MERs is electronic and is void as UCC code electronic signature is not in writing! If I build you a pool I must recored a letter of commencement that is constructive notice. Now if you don’t pay I must sue you in court to perfect my judgment to collect. I can’t sue if I never gave constructive notice I must perfect to collect. MERS never did this plain and simple. Google this research it and do this and Quiet title your property and not quiet title action this is different. Good luck everybody and remember when you buy a bank owned home better get an attorney to read your title policy and I would not get a Chicago title policy that the same as MERs and you will get the shaft if a chain of title problem come to surface.

  • me says:

    it is a shame people and you, Matt don’t go back and read these older posts and comments!

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