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Government Has So Badly Bungled The Foreclosure Process….Can You Imagine What Will Happen When Something Really Bad Occurrs? And What Happens With Your Foreclosure?

I continue to reflect on the following quote and interview that appears in Russia Today:

Max Keiser: The American economy runs on the confidence, confidence that the world accepts the US dollar as world reserve currency, confidence that the US bond market will remain the standard. And what we are seeing is a sell-off in a bond market and a sell-off in the stock market, because confidence in the US and its ability to maintain a global empire through interest rates and the Central Bank policy is crumbling before the world’s very eyes.

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The entire interview is most compelling and draws many important connections between the lies, the fraud, the crimes that all Americans continue to suffer at the hands of the nation’s banking class.  It is true that the world has grown to mistrust the US…and increasingly the world is learning to hate the US.  And should they not hate the US?  Can you catalog and consider for just a few minutes all the destruction this nation has wrought across the globe in just the last several years?

And as you think about how the world increasingly thinks about us, consider what more and more Americans are beginning to understand about their own nation.  We are in fact learning just how badly we are all being abused….and the abuse continues and is only getting worse.

Student loan rates continue to increase while the banks are more profitable than ever before.  The banks continue to shovel in greater profits while shipping more and more jobs offshore.  American taxpayers bailed out and propped up the banks and yet, the banks continue on a rampage of throwing Americans into the street through foreclosure.

There will come a very powerful blowback to all of this…it’s only a matter of time.  And the longer this anger and resentment…both domestically and internationally…bottles up….the worse the blowback will be.

Think of what will happen in this country and in Florida in particular when more and more people are thrown out of their homes using a foreclosure process that makes a mockery of the justice system.

And just how many more banking and corporate scandals do we have to hear before we’ve all finally had enough?


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