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From My Website Direct to The Wall Street Journal- Next Up~ 90 Day Moritorium On Foreclosures!

A week ago, the Wall Street Journal ran a story about Lender Processing Services and Sylvia Nuer.   My website, and others like 4clousre Fraud and Foreclosure Hamlet had been reporting on these issues for weeks prior to the story running.

In yet another example of our little corner of the world driving major news stories across the country, two stories first published on this site made it (again) into the Wall Street Journal.

Read Wall Street Journal Article Here wall street journal article - weidner

The case first involved a friend and fellow Foreclosure Fraud Fighter, Ralph Fischer… here (again) is the case referred to in the Wall Street Journal…they didn’t bother to print it or to give proper credit where credit is due, but read the post to get the details….if you’re a consumer and need a good foreclosure attorney Mr. Fisher’s phone number is written in on the third page.

The second story written involves friend and fellow Foreclosure Fraud Fighter, Mike Wasylik…here is his transcript and here is a link to his website.   Read the transcript and hear how a properly prepared and brilliant attorney properly argues his case.   Read importantly how Hon. Anthony Rondolino, a tough, ethical and concerned judge expresses his growing concerns about the mess that’s been dumped in his courtroom.   The judge has the right idea and that’s part of the message we’re taking to Tallahassee on Wed, April 21!

And to our friends at the Wall Street Journal.   Good job for reporting on what’s really happening in courtrooms across this state.   Please stay tuned and keep listening….next up is our Rally on Tally on Wednesday April 21.   Give us a call or shoot us a line, we’ll be happy to give you guys inside information on some even more earth shattering news about to break!

Kudos to 4closure Fraud and Foreclosure Hamlet…let’s all keep up the good work….the pressure is on!


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