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From CNN- Maybe California’s Attorney General Can Help Out Florida’s Attorney General…..

mortgage-scamsThe St. Petersburg Times reported long ago about the Mass Joinder rip off scheme that was operating right here in Pinellas County. (Read Story Here)

There are others operating even more prominently all over this state….right out in plain sight….operating phone call centers…sending out direct mail…advertising in newspapers….and holding meetings and seminars.

Well at least one Attorney General is doing something about it….read the CNN Story Here

So with all this going on right here in Good old Floriduh, you gotta wonder why no one in the leadership of this state will do anything about these massive rip off schemes.   How many lives have been ruined by these schemes and rip offs? How many millions of dollars of consumer’s money has been sent off to these con artists and shysters?

I’ve been complaining about this for years.   Long ago, I spent hours and weeks and months sending complaints to Florida’s Attorney General’s Office.   I had conference calls, then at least one in person meeting with attorneys and investigators in Orlando.   I spent hours organizing this meeting, which was held at the Attorney’s Title Fund Annual Meeting in Orlando.   Every attorney who works with consumers in real estate sees cases of fraud all the time and I suggested that a Task Force be formed between the Attorney General’s Office and the private attorneys who see these violations all the time.   There was exactly ZERO follow up from this meeting and shortly thereafter I was told that the Attorney General’s Office was no longer investigating mortgage modification scams…..

Needless to say I was terribly disappointed…and I remain so today…..


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