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There is a great conspiracy that exists in this nation, a con job of extraordinary proportions.  You see, “The Banks” are not the real parties in interest in foreclosure cases…they are merely the straw party sent into court to take the homes of Americans, acting on behalf of the real parties in interest that are operating behind the scenes, Fannie and Freddie….(who themselves are merely straw parties for the real parties that own the notes and mortgages and who in turn are the real parties that are coming to own millions of homes all across America….The question in foreclosure today is…

Who is the ultimate party that owns property that is being foreclosed upon? China? Other Foreign Interests? One thing is certain, it isn’t Bank of America or Wells or Citi…..

And just look at this little disclosure here…..admission that a party other than the named plaintiff pulls the strings, directs the straw parties, directs the law firm and lawyers…..

A66.7: Expedited foreclosures – Florida (08/15/13)

(a)Determining the judgment methodIn the State of Florida, Servicers may obtain judgment in connection with a foreclosure in several ways, including the following:

  • Motion for summary judgment
  • Bulk trial foreclosures
  • Order to show cause
  • Obtaining judgment for less than the total indebtedness as described in Section A66.6

Foreclosure time line requirements set forth in Section 66.30 will not be waived regardless of the procedure the Servicer follows when foreclosing the Mortgage.

(b)Motion for summary judgmentServicers may move for summary judgment against the Borrower using the expense limits set forth in Exhibit 57A, Approved Attorney Fees and Title Expenses.

(c)Bulk trial foreclosuresServicers may utilize bulk trial foreclosures to accelerate foreclosures. This option can be used for Freddie Mac Default Legal Matters that were:

  • Referred to law firms on or after June 1, 2013 or
  • Referred to law firms before June 1, 2013 and for which the foreclosure complaint has been filed, but final judgment of foreclosure has not yet been entered

Servicers and their counsel must use their discretion to determine whether the bulk trial foreclosure process is appropriate for the jurisdiction, the Mortgage and the Mortgaged Premises that is the subject of the foreclosure.

Reimbursement of expenses

Pursuant to Section 71.19, Freddie Mac will reimburse Servicers for approved attorney fees as set forth in Exhibit 57A. Servicers will be reimbursed for 104SF claims submitted through the Reimbursement System for additional attorney fees associated with the use of the bulk trial foreclosure process up to a maximum of $1,750. This is the maximum legal fee for all work necessary to complete bulk trial foreclosures, including, but not limited to:

  • Identification of bulk trial foreclosure candidates
  • Pre-trial preparation and correspondence
  • Preparation of trial orders
  • Witness preparation
  • All necessary court appearances

This fee is in addition to the foreclosure attorney fee. Servicers must use expense code 010009 (Pre-Trial Preparation Attorney Fee) when submitting a claim request in the Reimbursement System for the additional trial fees associated with the bulk trial foreclosure process. Legal expenses paid by the Servicer must match or exceed the reimbursement request.

(d)Order to show causeServicers may foreclose using motions for order to show cause against the Borrower subject to the expense limits set forth in Exhibit 57A.
(e)Default judgmentServicers may move for default judgment against the Borrower in accordance with Sections A66.4 and A66.6.


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