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Fraudclosure Warriors Get Massive National Attention Fighting Our Fight!

Democracy At Work! Just wait until the political establishment really gets to work engineering their campaigns against these people.   Election fraud is serious, systemic and undeniable.     Our elected officials are not elected, they are auctioned, then votes are stolen and shifted around behind our backs, just google “Beckstrom v. Vogel” but read what HuffPost has to say:


Solutions to the ongoing foreclosure crisis are virtually absent from the national political debate, but in Florida, one of the states hardest-hit by the housing crunch, several homeowners who have seen crisis firsthand are running for local office on anti-Wall Street platforms.
Lisa Epstein, a foreclosure victim-turned-activist, has launched a bid to unseat the local Palm Beach County Clerk in Florida, running on the slogan “a wave of change.”
She is joined by at least two other anti-foreclosure fraud activists in Florida making runs for county clerk positions, the office in charge of property records. (A fourth dropped out after launching a campaign.)
Epstein will have the backing of one of the state’s most popular progressive figures, former Rep. Alan Grayson (D), injecting an unusual amount of energy into a race that is often sleepy and frequently uncontested.
It started at Occupy Palm Beach. Epstein and a friend, Lynn Szymoniak, were briefing the occupiers on robosigning and other methods of foreclosure fraud and discussing ways for them to fight back.

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