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Fraud on The Court? Case Dismissed!

parkerForeclosure Fraud Fighter Chip Parker has established a nationally-recognized name for digging out examples of fraud and aggressively defending foreclosure cases.   Everyone is encouraged to visit his firm’s website here.

All across this country some judges have become numb to the fraud that is being committed in their courtrooms.   Some judges are afraid to call it what it is and to be direct and clear about the seriousness of the violations.

The order found here shows what happens when a judge “gets it” after a good attorney has done his job to document the issues that are presented.   What’s most disturbing about this is the fact that I believe there could be thousands perhaps tens of thousands of these orders that could be issued every day.   I hope that our elected circuit court judges will begin to take serious note of such issues and begin to start issuing more orders like this.


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