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Fraud In Service of Process- The Key To Getting Foreclosure Judgments Tossed Out!

Sewer Service- The Next Foreclosure Shoe to Drop

As indicated in the video above, the number of times these foreclosure mills assert they cannot find the defendants cannot find the borrower is far higher than what one would expect in typical litigation.   The spreadsheet below lists more than 8,000 people that are lost and cannot be found….or can they?

As the rocket docket charges ahead and more and more people ignore the lawsuit because they’ve worked out a formal   modification with their lender, there will be more and more sales where the homeowner is totally unaware….have a look at the attached list….are these people really lost…..????


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  • MR says:

    Hello Matt ,

    I am blessed to be given the opportunity to tell my

    story to the media … Tommorrow..Monday.. at

    7 am…..ABC Good Morning America …

    .. I hope they don’t cut anything out… LuiGie

    ( Interviewed by Rick McHugh Producer ABC

    News )

    LuiGie ( Evicted …but not OUT )

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