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Foreclosures And This Tyranny Are Killing People. Shame on Every One of Us.

I appreciate the shocked reaction to my, “I beat up another client today” post.   It was intended to get people’s attention and it did.   I of course did not beat up anyone, but the sad truth is the story I described about the elderly clients was indeed an all too real composite reality of life for millions of our fellow Americans.
To emphasize this point, I want to share with you an excerpt that is real.   As you read it, I hope you will understand the horrifying reality and very real evil that persists all across this nation.

My mom is not doing well, as she fell in a state of depression once my dad had the heart attack and subsequent stroke. We had just moved into this old house, after being evicted as my dad fought them to the last day, while my dad was fixing a ceiling fan he fell off the ladder, my mother went crazy! My dad had had a heart attack. It was bound to happen, as my mom and dad spent 2 weeks in a hotel until they found this house, then we had to rent a giant truck an move 25 years of furniture and memories, without any help, just my dad and I! My dad could not catch his breath and I was worried from day 1, as he even had problems to hold a conversation. Anyhow, I feel like I have lost a best friend and I try to be at his side talking to him as much as I can. I had to leave school to help my mom and dad, it has been a rude awakening. I am not sure how much longer my mom is going to be able to keep her composure as she is already showing symptoms of dementia, but I think these are mainly caused by the extreme depression she suffers. I have made a commitment to do all within my power to be at their side and to carry on my dads fight against these animals.

Let that sink in there for a few moments.   Close your eyes and imagine these human beings, these neighbors, these Americans.   Remember, that story is real.   The fact of the matter is we cannot sit here in the safety and the comfort of our homes and our “secure” existence without taking ownership and responsibility for the fact that we are all active participants in this family’s horror story.   We cannot sit on the sidelines and pretend that we do not hear these cries of pain and anguish.   Because we fund this travesty with our own wages, with our tax dollars, with our courts, we are all just as guilty as the tyrants that direct these attacks.
We have lost the concept of shame in this nation, but if we still understood it, we would all be ashamed of ourselves for not doing anything to stop this.

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