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Foreclosures and Deficiency Judgments, The Banks May Finally Succeed In Bankrupting Our Courts…

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Florida’s Courts Are Funded With Less Than 1% of The State Budget

The banks pay a $900 filing fee for a foreclosure case, then with that one case they can choke and clog up our courts for years.   The courts are fighting against their incompetence and bungling, managing their filings and their hearings for years.   Even after a Final Judgment is granted, the banks may fight for years against setting a sale.
Judges work tirelessly to try and close cases and there are milestones when they close cases out….but a ticking time bomb buried in all foreclosure cases is the fact that the Plaintiffs can reopen them up to five years after the foreclosure sale to enter a deficiency judgment.   Just think about that…our courts are already struggling under the weight of the foreclosure mess…and now the banks can reopen cases and clog our courts all over again….just think about the tragic unfairness of paying $900 to drag our court system into the abyss all the while continuing to pursue the very taxpayer that pays for the implements of his own destruction.


  • J in CO says:

    Matt, I do not agree with story above. The courts make their money from monetizing the court cases and issuing securities against them. Courts are nothing short of banks themselves and all cases can be tracked to Fidelity or similar mutual funds that are directly linked to the pension funds of the judges and clerks. The longer the court holds the book entry for the loan the more interest they earn when the collection is finalized.
    It is far deeper and the courts should not be looked upon as victims. This is core to the problem. The courts are debt collection contractors that participate in this scheme to defraud the homeowners.

  • neidermeyer says:

    Where do the doc stamp fees from the clerks sale go to? It’s usually more than the filing fee … Thanks to your “standing” arguments I used almost 2 years ago in Orlando ninja9 changed to online sales and no more $100 bids winning for the banks … they’re bringing in more..
    Time to go after MERS for recording fees..

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  • learning2 says:

    Yep. Been thinking about that too. Can’t leave your home for more than a couple of hours now. If they have that 5 year hold on you, in theory (they’ll take advantage of it too, betcha), they can break in at any time with the law enforcement team on their side too. Oft even if you don’t have a mortgage…
    Did you hear they (the gov and TPTB) are rescuing the banksters again? Yep, they’re buying up the Mortgage Backed Securities to the tune of $40,000,000,000 PER MONTH til the end of 2013! BUT, by January 1st, 2013 the actual bailout will be turned up to a blazing hot $80,000,000,000 PER MONTH!!
    Then, what happens when the gov can’t keep buying up assets???
    Learn more about the continued bailout of the Banksters here:
    Some good news…Court decided that NDAA can’t be used to detain, jail indefinitely or kill any U.S. citizen. Great man, Chris (last name escapes me) filed the case in Supreme Court. Interesting the answer was filed Sept 12, 2012…
    Interesting Black Swan/False Flag that occurred in Libya, eh? Yeah, we went in to Liby under United Nations authority to enforce No Fly Zone. I guess they had to knock off the people so they wouldn’t take off. Ms. Clinton says U.S. went in to save the people. Too bad U.S. purposely destroyed the water system that the ousted/removed government built for the people of Libya.
    Yeah…the dominoes are comin’ down. Its gone to be a long hard winter, for many, many years. Reminds me of Japan.
    Best regards and hopes for everyone.

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