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Foreclosure Victims Beware- Federal Agents ARE COMING AFTER YOU!

By September 15, 20128 Comments

The feds will not go after any of the masterminds of this ongoing financial crime spree.   They will not go after any of the elected or appointed officials. They will not go after any of the banksters or forgers or ringleaders.


“We are working with Fannie and Freddie to build a mechanism” to identify strategic defaulters, Wolfe said at a recent mortgage industry conference. So if you walked away from one property and bought another, chances are fairly good that the OIG is going to find you.
If you conveniently left off the fact that you have an outstanding mortgage you failed to pay, or that you have a deficiency judgment against you for the difference between what you owe and what the house sold for at foreclosure, you’ve committed mortgage fraud.
“Debts that haven’t been repaid don’t just go away,” said a Treasury Department official who asked not to be named. “It doesn’t matter whether it’s on your credit report or not.”
If there is any indication that you falsified information on your new loan application, the OIG is “absolutely” going to refer you for criminal prosecution, Wolfe said. “We’re not just going to demand repayment,” he said.

“We’re going to lock (people) up.”



  • Rebelwithacause says:

    OH MY GOD, AND GOD HELP US ALL. This might be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

  • First pick a heart ,soul real man words = “Mr.Weidner” hit the bulls eye !This is facts and you need to read his blogs,his Honorable educated misery of being a “American” most important is as you educate his knowledge.follow.Even being a layman.Theres many so called experts. They are some but more greed and gain.Not omly this mortgage crisis~~~~~~~~~~Matthew has his heart,family and trusted one’s. We in America need to remember that “Freedom” and the 1776 is”AMERICA” times change but humanity is disolving do to ignorance and dis-respected honesty.Its going and is going to be and is a long fight.Nut “rEAL mEN LIKE Matthew are for enjoying your life.we all like the material things,but seem some people like more and theres only. So as i laugh at these jokers stating standup statements on tv etc… I WILL SAY ON THE HEART NOT POLITICAL BS STATEMENTS WE KEEP SEEING.MINE IS REAL !! I GOLDCOAST ENDORSE MR/MATTHEW/WEIDNERS POINT OF VIEWs/logic/facts.

  • JJ Greene says:

    At the State level, this problem may be even worse, in that officials are going after individuals that merely stand up and defend themselves.
    For those not familiar with the Wetzelberger case, in the state of Maryland, Thomas P. Dore is he equivelent of foreclosure mill king David Stern. Unlike Stern, however, Dore is not only still in full operation, but (some would say), out of control:

  • JamesM says:

    Since I know of some REAL russian criminals who have abused the mortgage system, please let me know of a contact number for this new mortgage fraud task force.
    (a) It will get some real criminals off the street.
    (b) It will give them something constructive to do, other than harass homeowners who’s mortgage brokers may have finessed and polished their loans years ago.
    Seriously, if you have contact info I can provide them with documents and a case or two, all tied up with a neat red ribbon.

  • john says:

    Yes, I imagine the ‘strategic defaulters’ situation to be as serious as the voter fraud which has plagued this country for decades. There must have been several hundred of these miscreant voters in the last twenty years. Pretty serious stuff, I’d say.
    But what about the folks who fought the banksters as long and as hard as they could? Does that count for something? Apparently not, since the settlement probably destroys one’s credit and gives him just enough money to have a decent down payment—gee, if only someone would lend him some money—he likely has 30% for a downpayment, thanks to the kindness of the bank. I guess from a well cared for family home to a dinky trailer somewhere pretty well defines ‘justice’ in the eyes of the banksters—-and most certainly with the homeowner doing nothing wrong except trusting the word of several loan officers—-then being kicked off HAMP after eight months for no discernable reason.
    These are sad days for jurisprudence.

  • Rebelwithacause says:

    Tell me please that you do not think a person who walked away from an unaffordable mortgage from no fault of his own, and circumstances led to his decision to walk away from his home. Circumstances that were so way far, far, unbelievable out of his, yours, mine and all the other millions of people who did nothing but work hard and pay for their house, & property taxes, until 1 day, the lenders said that isn’t good enough ( believe they have a bunch of bullshit excuse) you have to pay a big extra amount on top of your already big amount, and they magically tack on inspection fees, interest, late penalties, and a bunch more made up charges that aren’t real and never were. So now what is Mr. Homeowner going to do?.?? He was getting screwed right from day 1 at the appraisal price of the house he was going to buy. You see JOHN THIS WHOLE THING WAS PLANNED. Real estate was purposely over & over inflated. So the man did nothing wrong, and please tell me you are not seriously believing that anybody that had their house illegally taken has gotten 1 penny of that BOGUS BANK SETTLEMENT, seriously please explain yourself cause right now you sound like a complete moron, what rock have you been under and how did you find Attorney Matt Weidner’s blog? You sound like the kind of man that watches ABC, CBS, FOX OR NBC NEWS. You are so stinking blind and brainwashed, that you Mr. DO-GOODER wants some phone number so he can be a STINKIN RAT & call the law on somebody, you John and I will not refer to you as Mr. Cause I DO NOT HAVE 1 oz. of respect for you. You are the governments dream, a speak before verifying or researching anything, just watch your news, and do what ever you are told to do, when you go to the mall, if you see anything suspicious you better call the Feds, that’s what they are telling people to do. There are terrorist out there that want to do bad things and Americans should be vigilant and report. John, tell me your not buying all that, please look up the definition of a terrorist on Wikipedia, then think real hard, very very hard, oh all you have to do is read what Attorney Matt Weidner replied to you he gave you the answer, no Wikipedia needed, you have heard of Wikipedia right? John people like you better get a clue and you better get it fast, cuz it’s not getting any prettier out there.

  • Hello to are “Real People” I wanted to state this on Record Not the BS BOGUS SAY” Yes the “Federal Specia; Task Force” is not letting any CRIMINAL who scammed our system. My post was for the so called DEFENSE OF FRAUD VICTIM’S not just the little over/borrowers that seems to be more cover up to my statemenents. Its amazing how the poor have not a pot to piss in !! Banksters,Attorneies,Goverment Officials can just play headgames. Lets see who are exposed now ! Am not naming names due to safety ! I’LL WAIT FOR THE PROCESS !

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