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  • J.R. Homeowner says:

    Matt, Thank you for speaking to the issue of folks stepping up to defend against their foreclosures.

    I often think that if people won’t even step up to defend their own HOMES, then WHAT will they fight for??

    Where will they draw a line and say “NO FURTHER!” ??

    Is there no limit to which the American people will allow themselves to be abused and their rights and freedoms taken from them any more?

    We hear various numbers and stastistics thrown about but the one single statistic that really frightens me the most is that over 90%…NINTY PERCENT!!…of homeowners will not even put up a fight to defend their own HOMES!! They would apparently prefer to just slink away in fear than take even a minimum of a stand.

    If not your HOMES, then WHAT?
    What will you fight for?
    Will you fight for your freedom?
    The lives of your children?
    Your own lives?

    WHERE will you draw the line and say NO MORE!??

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